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I have several nieces and nephews that like to come over and play from time to time. I keep fun and educational toys on hand, in my home, for that purpose. One such item that's created a lot of buzz from the younger ones is the Little Scholar Tablet®. Now, when the young folk come over to Aunt Terra's house, it's a race to see who can get a hold of the Little Scholar Tablet first. Can't say as I blame them; the tablet made for kids ages 3 to 7 resembles a regular tablet that an adult would use, but it's loaded with lots of educational and fun content for the kiddos.

The Little Scholar Tablet is designed specifically for kids in preschool through first grade. It is preinstalled with ready-to-use applications, and there's a lot of them! Children can be engaged and entertained with over 150 apps, songs, videos and books. There's no advertisements (Yay!) and no credit card info is needed. Everything a child needs to learn new things is already on the tablet.

If, and only if, parents want additional content downloaded to the tablet they can do so through the password-protected parent section. For now, I've not needed to download any additional apps. The kids have been massively entertained with what's already on the tablet. There are numerous catchy songs played by entertainer Brian Vander Ark. A three-level series of ebooks helps children learn to read. The books have fascinating audio voiceovers and some of the ebooks also have highlighted text as its being read. An educational video series starring Charlie the Golden Retriever teaches children with interactive material. Some of the series is animated, while other parts of it features real people and animals. There are also several puzzle and game apps that are both fun and instructive. And if that wasn't enough, there's also a rear- and front-facing camera. Children can save the pictures to their tablet and even add silly special effects.

Parents are able to use the A+ Report Card app to view graphs and reports of how often a child is on a specific task and how they're performing. That particular section is quite helpful in seeing how a child is progressing and which areas of academics they're excelling in, or what areas could use more help.

The tablet itself is easy to set up and comes with an adaptor. Normal charge time is 8 to 12 hours. The tablet is equipped with a virtual keyboard, and a headphone connector. Headphones can be purchased separately. In order to store additional files or to have more storage space on the tablet, you may need to purchase a MicroSD card and insert it in the tablet. The tablet has an 8-inch screen and runs a Google Android™ 4.2.2 operating system.

The Little Scholar Tablet has provided my nieces and nephews hours of entertainment. It's a way for young children to have fun and learn at the same time.

Little Scholar Reviewed by Heck of a Bunch Parenting Blog