Little Scholar Tablet Featured in KC Parent 2014 Holiday Gift Guide

2014 Holiday Gift Guide from the November 2014 issue of KC Parent:

Juggle Bubbles

My younger is the queen of “As Seen on TV,” and the ads work on her. She sees it and she wants it. Juggle Bubbles have been high on her list for quite some time. She was thrilled to try them out. The kit comes with a bubble blower, bubble tray, unique bubble solution and a pair of magic gloves. Blow bubbles and then bounce, toss and pass the bubbles wearing the special gloves. The bubble solution will provide hours of entertainment for your children, inside or out. Be sure to buy refills of the bubbles, as regular solution doesn’t work with the gloves (and believe me, we tried).

Let It Go!

Gifts based on the hit movie Frozen are sure to be tops on many lists this year. Just in time for the holidays, Stride Rite is introducing both a Frozen sneaker and boot. Fans of Anna and Elsa will love the purple that adorns both, along with the heart-shaped gem—and the sneakers light up! Build-A-Bear has joined the Frozen frenzy with several new offerings. Fans can stuff Olaf, an Anna bear or an Elsa bear and have a soft and fluffy friend from their favorite movie. We love stuffed animals in our home, and Build-A-Bear never disappoints. Shoes: Stuffed Pals:

Little Scholar

I have a love/hate relationship with technology for young kids. While I understand that it’s here to stay, I do think it is being used a bit too often with younger kids. Parents need to set limits with and monitor use of technology. That’s why I really like this Little Scholar tablet from SchoolZone. Instead of handing kids a phone or iPad, hand them this tablet that comes preloaded with games, videos, songs and more just for kids ages 3-7. The little kids will feel important having a tablet of their own!


Why do kids love tiny toys? Shopkins are some of the latest tiny toys on the market. They are tiny, collectable figures based on items found in stores. They include party food items, sweet treats, dairy, fruits and veggies and more. And now, kids can go on a Shopkins spree and shop until they drop with the Small Mart. Whether sliding their groceries down the delivery chute or heading to the checkout at the conveyer belt register, there’s always work to be done and fun to be had at the Small Mart.

Little Live Pets

My kids really want a pet. They have a turtle, but apparently that’s not good enough. They would love a dog (not going to happen) and have recently been on a bird bandwagon. That’s where Little Live Pets comes in. It’s a pet bird in a cage that talks back and repeats what kids say and even whistles a special tune. You don’t have to clean up after it, and it doesn’t create a mess. Now this is a pet I am on board with!

PlaySkool Heroes

I have spent hours trying to get Transformers to work, and it typically doesn’t end well. That’s why I love these Transformers from Playskool. They are easy for younger kids to transform. With just one twist of the torso, Optimus Prime changes into a Tyrannosaurus rex. Check out the other figures they offer, along with their superhero Hulk and Superman figures that are sure to please all of the superhero fans in your home.


New emergency vehicles from Buildex come to the rescue when it comes to all-day fun for kids. The new emergency rescue vehicles, in particular, allow youngsters to build toys in two different ways from the same high quality parts. Each vehicle in the set has two different options for building, creating and playing. These were designed to encourage children to develop three-dimensional thinking and an appreciation for construction, movement and design. What do I love best? No glue or tools needed to assemble!

Little Scholar Tablet Featured in KC Parent 2014 Holiday Gift Guide