by Sarah |

As soon as my 5 year old started Kindergarten, I realized he needed a little extra help in some areas and as much as I try to teach him or do worksheets with him, he wants to play games or do anything BUT learning activities. I knew I needed to think outside the box and figure out a way to keep him interested in learning without him knowing (kind of like how you make mashed potatoes out of cauliflower). That’s why I was extremely excited when I came across Little Scholar!

Little Scholar Tablet is kind of like an iPad but instead of having to pay for games and not knowing if the games they are downloading are actually benefiting them, you will get FULL access to 150+ learning apps/games for FREE! This is a tablet that is full of learning BUT your child has no idea they are actually “working”. Instead, they just think they are playing fun games (which they are) and at the same time are preparing for their next grade level. No need to buy apps because this comes FULLY READY to start learning!

  • The best tablet to prepare your child for pre-K through 1st grade
  • Ready to play! 150+ apps, videos, songs & books
  • Reporting app tracks & guides progress
  • No extra purchases, downloads, or Wi-Fi needed
  • From School Zone, the experts in early education
  • FREE protective bumper included. Holiday Gift Guide

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