From Tech Savvy Mama's 2014 Gift Guide:

Little Scholar Tablet ($169.99)— Toddlers who clamor for mom and dad’s tablet wanting to be just like them now can enjoy educational content from School Zone Publishing, one of the top trusted names in learning materials for kids. One of the most refreshing things about Little Scholar is that the price includes over 150 pre-loaded apps, videos, e-books, songs, and games that serve as fun ways to learn math, reading, spelling and more while they practice fine motor skills and hand-eye coordination. Unlike other systems, everything your child needs is already on the Tablet so it doesn’t end up being an endless money suck as your child clamors for new titles. There’s plenty of original content provided in the kid-safe environment. Additionally, the Android-based tablet has a lot of features that appeal to kids and parents alike. The rear and front facing camera make Little Scholar Tablet more similar to devices kids are used to seeing mom and dad use while parents will appreciate the password protected parental controls, Report Card App to view your child’s activity, durable nature, and included protective case to protect their investment from wear and tear that will come with use.

Little Scholar Tablet Featured in Tech Savvy Mama's 2014 Gift Guide