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Shopping for electronics can be pretty overwhelming, for myself I get frustrated, confused at times and all around stressed. Electronics are always pricey, so there are a lot of things to look out for — features you want, brands, quality and the list can go on. When are we looking to purchase some sort of electronic I often leave that to my husband; he knows more about any electronics than I do. Nowadays there are tons of companies who offer tablets, all different kinds and some are better then others. You can read reviews, do research till your blue in the face but how much did you really find out about these tablets? I’ve spent so much time reading and researching items that at the end I still have no idea if I should purchase the item. I feel that finding a tablet for adults is way easier then finding a great one for kids. I mean, adults are more careful, we know how to use the internet responsibly and overall we fully understand how to use these products. Children on the other hand are rough, they don’t pay attention when they really get into something and could click something they shouldn’t and they don’t comprehend what should and should not be done while using these devices. Tablets, desktops, laptops, TV’s and more are made for adults, to be used by adults but with the times changing kids are now using these items a lot more. Growing up we had a desktop in our home, we had dial up, AOL (do you remember that lol) and its main use was for homework.

I wanted to get my kids a tablet for the simple reason that I saw how sad my daughter would get when other kids around her were all using theirs. I know, I know it’s a crappy reason but my kids use my husband's and my old iPhones to play on apps and watch YouTube when they are home. Once we venture out of the home they don’t work because they are only connected to wifi. I knew a tablet was in our future but I wanted one that was extremely kid friendly but could have regular apps like our phones do. To fit into my family lifestyle I needed it to be 2 year old friendly and 7 year old friendly because I knew the kids would share and use it together at times. On the hunt I went to find a tablet suitable for both my children and if possible would work for my husband or I, if we needed it. This is when I stumbled upon School Zone, I first found out they offered tablets thanks to good ole Google but once I got to their site I wanted to look around and see what else they offered. School Zone offers a ton of learning products and you can shop by grade, skill or type. If you shop by grade you will be able to pick from Toddler to 6th grade, shopping by skill would consist of Math, Reading, Spelling and if you shop by type you can pick from Flash Cards, Workbooks, Digital Learning and there’s even a Gift option! They have so many great products that would help any child with learning. I have been lucky enough to try out their Little Scholar® Tablet actually I should say that my children have been lucky enough to try out School Zones Little Scholar Tablet.

This tablet is seriously the coolest thing I’ve ever seen, watched my kids use and used myself. This tablet comes with over 150 preloaded apps, videos, books and games. It has exclusive, interactive, educational video series: Charlie & Company™. This awesome tablet contains original content that is made kid safe and does not have any additional cost. There is even an A+ Report Card app for viewing dynamic graphs and reports of children’s activity with each Little Scholar program. Just like other tablets School Zone’s Little Scholar tablet has a rear and front facing camera and unlike most tablets this has audio praise and feedback for your kids. This tablet is perfect for children ages 3-7, all the apps cover important subjects that will help your child learn and continue learning. When you purchase this tablet you do get a free bumper, this is a rubbery type case that goes over it. With myself being so used to OtterBoxes on my phone and my husband I would love to see School Zone offer that kind of case too. My daughter is gentle and knows how to take care of it but my son not so much (lol). It is very easy to use and my son (2 yrs old) got the hang of it after we showed him a couple times, he loves this tablet. My daughter (7 yrs old) has been practicing all the things she is currently doing in school and is loving it as well. We just got back from our vacation and this tablet has been a life saver. My daughter missed a week of school but was able to do work on her tablet and I found apps that corresponded to the work she was doing in school. She had make up work that we took with us as well but she said quite a few times how she wished the paper work she did was as fun as the work on the tablet.

You don’t need wifi to use any of the apps that come on the tablet so it’s great for long car rides. Like I said we took a vacation and drove from FL to NJ so having no wifi didn’t make the tablet useless unlike most tablets out there. But don’t worry parents you can use this tablet too! You can download apps like Facebook, Twitter, Bingo Bash or any other apps you like to this tablet too. The apps you would see in your normal App Store on your phone can be use one School Zones tablet and they can even be separated with a password so your child can’t get to them. The School Zone apps are free but if you decided to get adult apps that aren’t free then you will have to pay money but that is just like if you purchase off your iPhone or Droid. I completely love how they have this feature, this tablet is primarily for my children and to learn but they do love their YouTube. My daughter watches Barbie and my son is all about Thomas the Train so being able to download that worked out great for my family. Being able to download the YouTube app so when they have electronics time (yes I have certain times for this) they can use the tablet to watch what they want is amazing. My husband and I have downloaded a couple games that we like to play or social media apps so we can use the tablet too but my kids cannot get to them unless they know the password.

This tablet is great and does more then just a typical learning one does, many tablets are made for adults that somewhat cater to children. School Zone made their tablet strictly for kids that somewhat cater to adults and that is amazing. I love how this company has focused on kids mainly and kept adults slightly in mind compared to other companies. This tablet can be used by the whole family with kids in the age range (3-7) and adults so this fits perfectly with our family! I adore this tablet and haven’t come into any problems with it…it hooks up to wifi great, the learning apps are awesome and it is getting used by the whole family. The only thing I would like to see is a more durable case offered by School Zone but they are so ahead of the children’s tablet game that I feel they will come out with their own heavy duty case. Parents, Grandparents, Aunts, Uncles, Godparents or whoever if you are in the market for a kids tablet please check out School Zone because this tablet is amazing. It’s fun, interactive, helps your child learn or continue their learning’s from school, makes learning fun and parents if your phone dies you can use the same apps you would on your phone without having to worry about the kid’s getting into it because it’s password protected!

Little Scholar Tablet Reviewed by Adventures of Country Divas Blog