By Elia | Conservamom:

My kids love technology and when I least expect it my phone or iPad disappears and I know surely enough one of my kids has it. There are times I feel like they know how to navigate on it better than I do! So let’s face it, Technology is here to stay. No matter what we try to do our kids are drawn to technology. So why not give them the ability to have their own system that is tailored to their educational needs in a fun way! Little Scholar Kids Tablet comes from School Zone. The company that has brought many fantastic early learning tools for our little ones has put the best of the best into one fantastic product.

I had the chance to try it out with my 5 year old and it has become her favorite toy. Not only does she enjoy the more than 200+ preloaded apps but she enjoys the ability to have an independence with this fun product that is helping strengthen her core knowledge.

I love how this tablet comes with all the features of an “adult one” without the worry of her going to sites she shouldn’t or buying programs on her own.

The tablet also comes with a camera that takes some fun pictures and allows for some great editing programs giving hours of fun. This has truly been one of the best educational pads we’ve tried out. With a trusted company behind it you can’t go wrong. Best of all it has a reporting app for parents.

The Little Scholar Tablet comes with a free bumper to help keep it protected and you can choose it in either pink or blue. You can play it with or without Wi-Fi, which makes it the perfect tool for any long car ride. This tablet runs on Google Android making it easy to connect to the computer and get more access to other great programs.

This tablet is perfect for ages 3-7 and has programs geared towards each individual grade PK, K & 1st grade!

I highly recommend it and so does Bummie :-) It’s a sturdy, fun, product that will give your little one hours of enjoyment while giving them some great learning tools to help reinforce the academic skills and building blocks they need for a brighter future!

Ready to bring this fun and educational toy to your home? You can purchase it on Amazon or at the School Zone page!

Little Scholar Tablet Reviewed by Conservamom