Little Scholar Tablet Reviewed by Emily Reviews

by Miranda |

I’ve used School Zone products for years. Their workbooks have been a great tool to have available when I was searching for learning materials. Recently, I learned that they have a great selection above and beyond their workbook lines. They carry products for preschoolers through 6th graders including: Workbooks, Flashcards, Bible Workbooks, Software, Apps, Books, Activities, and even a Little Scholar® Tablet. I was surprised and pleased at the nice variety and am thrilled to share a review and giveaway on the Little Scholar Tablet with you.

Little Scholar Tablet has many great features including:

  • Over 150 Preloaded Options (This includes games, songs, books, videos, and apps.)
  • Kid Friendly & Kid Safe Content
  • Learning With Every Option
  • Charlie & Company™ Educational Interactive Video Series Exclusive To School Zone
  • Rear & Front Facing Camera Tool
  • Report Card App
  • Durable Construction
  • Comes Ready To Use
  • Geared For Ages 3 – 7

We’ve been using the Little Scholar Tablet for a little while now and all of the older kids, ages 2, 4, 7, and 9, enjoy it. It actually arrived just in time to start potty training our 2 year old. For the first two days, we used it as incentive to sit on the potty chair.

I really like how School Zone Publishing incorporated a variety of skill building options in the Little Scholar Tablet. Every single activity, song, game, book, and app works on a skill while making learning fun. Skill building includes: letters, numbers, shapes, patterns, counting, math, letter sounds, matching, critical thinking, problem solving, hand-eye coordination and more. As the child works, they are encouraged with each step. I love when I hear the Little Scholar Tablet saying “Great Job!” to the kids as they practice these important skills.

Each one of our kids seems to have a different favorite activity on the Little Scholar. Our oldest daughter loves the coloring pages. The boys enjoy the songs, frog game, and the letter train. Although they haven’t even come close to exploring all that the Little Scholar Tablet has to offer yet, they have enjoyed each activity they have tried.

One last note is that there is also a camera tool. The kids all love this feature. There are six different modes that make it more fun. While it’s hard for the kids to get a clear shot if they are holding the tablet, I’ve taught them to set it down to use which makes it much easier. So perhaps a photo stabilizer would be a great addition for any future models.

Overall, this is a really great learning tablet. We would highly recommend the Little Scholar from School Zone Publishing for anyone looking for a kid-friendly safe option.

Little Scholar Tablet Reviewed by Emily Reviews