by Nikki | Her 3 Little Thinkers Blog

For Christmas, I bought my two oldest kids tablets and my youngest boy a kids tablet of his own. He didn’t like his tablet all that much and he just kept playing with his brother’s and sister’s tablets. We eventually took his tablet back because he kept telling us he didn’t like it. After looking around for a while, we finally found a tablet we knew he would like! When we saw the Little Scholar tablet, we knew he had to have it. Being 3 years old, we need to get him ready to go to preschool soon so with the help of this tablet, he’ll know what he needs to know.

The Little Scholar tablet comes with 150+ apps, songs, books and more to help your child learn. When we got the tablet, my son had the biggest smile on his face! After we took the tablet out of the box, with the free bumper on it, we gave it to him and let him explore what was on it. His favorite game is a kindergarten game called Napoleon Bone Apart where it will have a skeleton and you have to put the bones where they go. We were so surprised at how good he was at this game! The voice will even tell you the names of the bones so he will repeat them to us! Sometimes, he won’t even let the voice tell us what the bone is before he says the name! This tablet is his favorite toy and he won’t leave the house without it! If you have a little one just going into school, this tablet is perfect! There are games for each subject and even ones they may not even learn for a couple more years in school. I am extremely satisfied with this tablet and know your little angel will thank you for their Little Scholar tablet!

Little Scholar Tablet Reviewed by Her 3 Little Thinkers Blog