By Mama Cheaps:

Tablets! The choices these days are plentiful when you’re in the market for a tablet. There are tablets for kids and adults, big tablets and small, Android and iOS… While the choices are endless when it comes to purchasing a tablet, there are a select few that rise to the top as great choices.

We own several tablets. Bob and I each have our own and Lily got an Android tablet from her birthday. As you might imagine, Landon continually stalks our tablets and wants to play on them and watch endless videos of tractors and other motorized vehicles on YouTube. The problems with handing him one of our tablets are numerous. Besides the fact that he gets them full of grime and slime, those tablets are very frustrating for him to even try to use. There are too many extra buttons and options, there are apps on them that are well beyond his capability level that he still manages to open. It’s frustrating for him and it is equally as frustrating for us.

When the chance came along to try out the Little Scholar Tablet from School Zone, we were really excited to see if this would be a better fit. The Little Scholar tablet is recommended for ages 3-7, so it’s important to note that Landon (2 y/o) uses this tablet with my assistance or when we are in very close proximity to each other. Lily (7 y/o), on the other hand, uses the tablet completely independently and loves all of the 1st grade level educational apps, games and books that came pre-loaded onto this tablet.

Before we powered the tablet on for the first time, I let it charge overnight.

Power the tablet up with the push of a button and you’re ready to start playing. The Little Scholar Tablet comes preloaded with more than 200 educational apps, videos, songs and books. It can be used with or without Wi-Fi connection (for example there is an unrestricted internet browser that you can choose to restrict for each profile). There are parent controls that make it easy to setup user profiles and track individual kids’ progress.

Landon was so excited to get started! As you can see above, the welcome screen is extremely inviting and engaging. It is easy for kids to pick their current academic level. We started on the preschool (Mouse) level. Even though Landon is still a ways from starting school, he is already starting to understand the very basics in counting and letters. This tablet has some wonderful apps that will help guide and grow that knowledge.

We were able to jump right in with the apps. Landon loved the counting activities and then we found the BOOKS which featured a story about a TRUCK so of course he thought that was utterly fantastic.

As you can see, this 8″ tablet is a great size for him. He is tall for his age, wearing 3T shirts, and this tablet is a much better size for him to manage than bigger tablets. The protective skin (included) allows him to have a good grip on the tablet, cutting down on it slipping out of his hands.

Some other specs on this tablet include:

  • Google Android 4.4.2
  • 5 ft-power cord
  • Mini HDMI port (sold separately)
  • Font and rear facing cameras
  • Average battery life – 7 hours
  • 8GB internal memory (increase memory up to 32GB with a MicroSD/Transflash card (sold separately)

We have had a wonderful experience with this tablet so far. Landon is excited to have his own tablet. His tablet usage will be limited to an appropriate amount of time for his age, and I foresee many fun times ahead playing with it!

The Little Scholar Tablet can be purchased from retailers nationwide, including Toys R Us. It retails for $129.99.

Little Scholar Tablet Reviewed by Mama Cheaps