Little Scholar Tablet Reviewed by Mamas on a Dime

by Mamas on a Dime

About the Little Scholar Tablet®

Kids 3-7 will have a tough time putting down this tablet that’s packed with uniquely fun lessons, books, videos and songs. The only tablet fully preloaded with School Zone’s proven learning curriculum, Little Scholar offers 200+ apps specially created to enhance skills in math, reading, spelling, geography, science, creativity, and critical thinking. Valued at $390!


The Little Scholar tablet is exactly what I have been looking for to immerse my children in technology and fun while still helping them to learn and discover new skills.

I’ve been looking for a tablet that I can download apps to, but also has some already on it. And hopefully the majority are education apps. So excited to find the Little Scholar tablet! Not only does it come with tons of apps already installed, it comes with a case to help protect it from little hands, I can download my own apps to it, I can track the learning from the apps, see which apps are being used, and it doesn’t cost an arm and a leg. Yay! All the features I’ve been looking for in a tablet for my kiddos!

My absolute favorite thing is that I can track what my kids are doing on the Little Scholar tablet. It’s super easy to do. The apps they don’t seem to be using much I can replace with something else. That way, they can still learn that skill in an app they are interested in. Also, I can see if they whizzed through one of the apps because it was too easy or they spent forever because it was too hard and adjust accordingly. Plus, my kids don’t even realize they are learning! Okay, sometimes they do. But, the apps are fun so they don’t care.

It did take a little while for me to learn how to use the tablet. But I’m not sure that this is a bad thing as my kids didn’t seem to have any issues. It might be just because I’m used to my brand of phone and tablet. This is the only con I have found. And, as you can see, it’s not much of a con. Overall, I am extremely happy with this little tablet. I might just need to get one for my baby girl for Christmas.

Little Scholar Tablet Reviewed by Mamas on a Dime