by MidgetMomma

With so many different tablets out there it can be hard to find one that is good for the kids. One that you also do not have to purchase and then spend extra money to put apps on it for the kids as well. The Little Scholar Tablet is designed for kids and has all the apps you need on it already. No need to purchase the tablet and then more apps!!

The Little Scholar Tablet is is jam packed with 150 educational apps (including videos, songs and e-books), valued at nearly $400 worth of FREE content!!!! Little Scholar provides its users with lessons based on all of the “core curriculum” subjects for preschoolers, kindergartners, and first graders, including math, reading, spelling, logic, creativity, and geography. Parents can even use an App management tool to choose the apps, music, and e-books that are active on Little Scholar, so they can tailor the content to fit the learning needs of their children. Little Scholar was made for kids 3-7 and features an 8-inch screen and runs a Google Android™ 4.2.2 operating system

We played with the Little Scholar tablet and Alyssa has been using it on the 2 days that she is off from school to continue learning and she is loving it. It is fun for her and she does not even realize that she is learning at the same time! Win win for us!

Alyssa is used to stealing my iPad and playing on that and she had no issues figuring out how to use this tablet. If your kids are iPad users they will have no issues adjusting to this tablet. It is a great size for kids hands too, it is not too big and not too small and the screen size is great. The apps are easy for the kids to start and the games make figuring out what they need to do easy with instructions.

Little Scholar Tablet Reviewed by MidgetMomma Blog