My three kids ages 7, 5 and 4 are no stranger to tablet devices. They took over my iPad years ago. They’re pros at using it which can actually be a little problematic. In the beginning I added a bunch of educational apps but over time, recreational games and netflix became their go-to free time choices. Then they found YouTube. It has been a lot harder monitoring their usage and I wanted to get back to a more educational experience while still keeping it fun and entertaining for them. The Little Scholar® tablet has been the perfect solution! I was a little worried that my second grader would be less than impressed, especially since this tablet is designed specifically for preschool, kindergarten and first graders. It didn’t take him long to discover some things he liked and after reviewing some of the content myself, I think it’s actually a good fit for his age. The books especially are at his reading level and the subject matter is interesting to him. Plus, some of the books have games. There’s a baseball game in particular that the kids really love. It’s a pinball game that even the adults (ahem) love.

The Little Scholar tablet from SchoolZone is loaded with 150 educational apps including books, videos, songs, games and more. The content alone has a $400 value! All of the lessons are based on “core curriculum including math, reading, spelling, logic, creativity and geography. The tablet runs a Google Android 4.2.2 operating system and features an 8″ screen. This is the perfect size for little hands!

My kids like to spend some time on the tablet to wind down before bed. This is my oldest daughter playing Napoleon Bone Apart, a game that teaches the scientific name for the bones of the human body. It says the name of them out loud as they are placed like a puzzle piece onto the skeleton. It’s pretty cool and even I learned some things from this app!

This is my youngest daughter using the Little Scholar tablet. She just turned 4 yesterday and will get the most use out of it. She’s using the tablet while I work on my laptop and I love hearing her practice her letters and sounds as we work together. She loves the painting app and even the videos (which I find to be on the cheesy side myself). They do feature a live dog named Charlie though which adds a lot of interest for my little animal lover.

There is a LOT of content on this tablet and I think my kids are going to have fun discovering all of it for a long time to come! Right now there’s a special promo at where you can pick up the Little Scholar tablet for only $169 (normally $199). That’s a great value for a tablet that features essentials needed for school:

  • Start to Read! Books offers colorful characters and memorable themes to build a solid literary foundation.
  • Interactive flash cards and Fraction Attraction build math competence.
  • Napoleon Bone Apart teaches science & eye-hand coordination.
  • Artistic apps for painting, color and shape recognition build creativity skills.
  • Charlie & Company™ educational series features live action & animated adventures starring a golden retriever and his best friend.

The Little Scholar tablet is ready to use right out of the box. Just charge it up and go! The operating system is really easy to use. I usually fumble around a little bit with tech gadgets different from the ones I normally use. This tablet doesn’t have a home button like the iPad but navigation is still super easy for me. The kids didn’t have any problems at all learning to use it and can navigate to their favorite apps with ease.

Little Scholar Tablet Reviewed by Mommies With Cents!