Little Scholar Tablet Reviewed by Outnumbered 3 to 1

by Jamie | Outnumbered 3 to 1 Parenting Blog:

When it comes to education for my kids I really hope they take after their dad and thrive in school. As for me, it was harder for me to learn and studying was like pulling teeth. Already I can tell my son loves learning, and he's a quick learner. He's doing great in school so far and I will do everything in my power to help him continue to thrive!

As far as my daughter, she struggles a bit. I notice she does love learning... it just takes her a bit longer to catch on. She's 5 years old and one tool that I'm very thankful for trying out is School Zones Little Scholar tablet.

When we opened the package all we had to do was charge it and the Little Scholar was pretty much ready to go! I put in Julia's profile info and it was all set for Julia to start learning!

Here are a few features that I love:

  • 200+ preloaded educational apps
  • Ready to play with or without Wi-Fi
  • Reporting app for parents
  • Google Android™ 4.4.4
  • Free bumper included

I love to see her playing it because I know she's learning all the while having fun!

I feel this is the best tablet for her age and she can continue using it up until she's in 1st grade! The fact that there's already over 200 learning apps downloaded on the tablet appeals to me as a mom and surely makes my life easier. I find Julia following along with the leveled reading... she loves books and this is so exciting for her and it tracks her progress. The reporting app helps me to see where she plays the most and how she's progressing and if she's on track.

Overall both my children were immediately drawn to School Zones Little Scholar and even after a day at school they want to come home and learn more instead of plopping in front of Netflix!

Little Scholar Tablet Reviewed by Outnumbered 3 to 1