by Review It PR:

The Little Scholar is an educational tablet to prepare kids for Pre-K through 1st grade. Kids can learn math, colors, words, reading, spelling and more. Seeing our kids absorb learning in another way is great. Kids should use a tablet not only for games. It's important for our kids to progress in their learning skills. David and Davian enjoy using the Little Scholar. They both are learning and that's what matters.

Little Scholar Includes:

  • 150 + Apps
  • Video Series
  • Interactive games
  • Songs
  • Story books
  • Reporting app tracks & guide progress
  • From School Zone, the experts in early education
  • No extra purchases, downloads or Wi-Fi needed
  • Activities
  • Playful Creativity
  • Gallery for your photos
  • Silly special effects
  • Front & back camera
  • School Zone Market password-protected parental controls
  • Bumper included
  • Covers 3 grade levels
  • Power adapter
  • Instruction booklet


The Little Scholar is very educational and fun for kids. A child would not complain using the tablet. It's easy to use and lets your child learn all the features and try different apps. Even if a child asks for help on an activity, they're opening up to learning. Just ask your child a few days later what they have learned. It's great to track a child's progress with their reporting app. The Little Scholar can help your child on a specific subject. It can help them progress their learning skills.

Little Scholar Tablet Reviewed by Review It PR