By Michelle | The Shaker of Salt:

Let's face it tablets are high on the must have Christmas list this year, for all ages. At 2 and 3 the little guys in my life are drawn to mine, as soon as I enter the room. My concern about letting them explore it, besides the obvious worrying about cracked screens, is that the world wide web can be such a scary thing.

Enter the School Zone Little Scholar Tablet. This tablet is made with the child aged 3 to 7 in mind. The games and activities in it help prepare your child for Pre-k -1st grade. This tablet come loaded with over 200 educational apps. These include, books, educational games and music. If this isn't enough you have the option of downloading more from the School Zone market on the Amazon App School.

We love this tablet. The little guy has had so much fun playing with it that nobody would believe he is learning. I love the A+ Report Card app. I find it a very valuable to keep you informed of things like time spent on apps, grade levels they are working on and words they are learning.

The 54 books included are perfect for your little learners, They are divided in three different reading levels. This makes it easy for you to find the perfect book for your little guy's level.

The tablet is set up so that the little guys can easily go in and out of all the different apps. This makes it much easier then when they use an adult tablet and need to keep asking for help.

This tablet is made to withstand the punishment your little guy can administer. School Zone also sells a wide variety of accessories on their website.

The tablet is selling for $109 right now. When you figure that you are getting a very well made tablet with over $300 worth of apps installed I think you will find it a good investment.

Little Scholar Tablet Reviewed by The Shaker of Salt