By Toy Party:

I was so excited when I found out that School Zone created the Little Scholar Tablet for children ages pre-k to first grade. My Kindergartner and I love that it comes loaded with over 200 apps for children pre-k to first grade, has a rear facing camera. Yes, my 5 year old loves taking pictures!! As a mom, I love that this tablet has wi-fi that I can turn on to download new games or turn off to keep my little one from browsing the net on her own.

Below are the technical facts about the Little Scholar tablet:

~ 8” Screen
~ 5-ft Power Cord
~ Google Android 4.4.2

This package comes with the tablet, power cord, registration and the instruction manual.

Love the green case that this comes in! One thing to note, I did try to remove the huge sticker on the screen before I realized that there is a protective film on the tablet that will make removing everything much easier. Just peel off the case and you’ll be able to remove the film easily.

I love how this has an HDMI, Micro SD and usb port on one side of the back and a slot to add headphones on the other side.

As you can see in the picture above, this comes fully loaded and, much to my surprise, I didn’t have to charge mine for several hours prior to use. We were able to turn it on and start playing immediately! I have to say, my daughter l-o-v-e-s her tablet and I love that she is learning under the disguise of playing games!

The skills that she is working on in the School Zone Kindergarten program include: letters, numbers, puzzles, memory, shapes, reading, word search, telling time, science, writing. Her favorite game to play is Napoleon Bone Apart where she gets to learn the names and locations of the different bones in the human body.

She also loves the Clickity-Clack Alphabet game where she gets to practice tracing her letters and play games.

Beyond all of the games, this tablet also comes loaded with books, music, videos and so much, much more that it is going to keep my little learning for a very long time!

This program also comes with a Parent Report section where I can check up on my daughter to see what she played and how much time she spent on a certain it!

Over all, I highly recommend the Little Scholar Tablet to any parent of a pre-k to first grade child as a way to help them practice important skills while having loads of fun!

Little Scholar Tablet Reviewed by Toy Party