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If you are on the hunt for the best kids’ tablet I suggest you look at the Little Scholar® Android tablet for kids! My family recently tried out the Little Scholar Tablet from School Zone and I am very impressed with this kids’ tablet! It is designed to teach children ages 3-7 the skills they need for school in fun ways! It comes pre-loaded with over 200 games, apps, books, songs, and videos that aren’t dependent on wifi (although you can access wifi via the tablet and upload additional content if you want). There are no annoying clickable adds or in app purchases (WOHOO!) Plus, your children’s progress is track-able on the tablet by using the A+ app! This kids’ tablet rocks! Let me tell you more about it!

The Little Scholar tablet comes with a 5 foot charging cord, a user manual, and a USB cord. They recommend that you peel the protective covering off before you play on the tablet. Pulling the cover off was the hardest part about using the tablet….and it wasn’t very hard at all!

I was happy to see that when we turned on the Little Scholar tablet on it was already 93% charged, so we didn’t have to wait to get playing! It automatically turns onto a lock screen. You can also customize the date and the time on the tablet. To unlock it you touch the lock circle (which is over the tigers face in case you can’t see well) and slide it to the left.

Once you unlock the screen the home screen appears. Your child can choose from the camera app, books, videos, music, or hit up the games in a specific age group. P=preschool, K=Kindergarten, 1=1st grade level. You can also connect this kids’ tablet up to a TV through its HDMI port!

The first place we explored was the preschool section. It had several games to choose from. My 3 year old kept pointing to them and asking if they were free…she was so excited that she could play all of the games unlike my kindle which makes you buy them!

One thing I love about the Little Scholar kids’ tablet is that each “app” has several games within it. For example this Alphabet App. One of the “games” within the alphabet app starts by choosing a letter to learn. My daughter chose W.

A picture of a walrus appeared and it said the word walrus. Then it asked what letter does W, W, Walrus start with? She tried to guess and guessed S. With a swipe of her cute little finger….

The W appeared and said, “W”. She was able to scroll through all the letters and practice the sounds and the letters. One thing I really like about this kids’ tablet is all the instructions are spoken, so your children who don’t read yet, can play independently.

The next game my daughter played was a coloring game. Within this game, she could color by number, color by shape, color by letter or color it however she wanted. She was able to figure out how to erase it, switch pictures and switch the colors. She and I have really been trying to focus on learning letters for the last 8 months, so I told her to try coloring by letters. Each letter was assigned a color.

When she colored the sections for letter A, the tablet spoke “A”. I heard her repeat each letter with the tablet! Awesome!

After she had played these two alphabet recognition games for about 20 minutes she moved onto another game. This game required her to write her name. As I mentioned before, we have been working on letters for 8 MONTHS and have made minimal progress. I just haven’t found the best way she learns yet. I was about to offer to type her name in for her, but stopped when she started to say all the letters in her name and typed it herself! I was very excited to see this! I had been trying to teach her letters via memorization which hasn’t been working. After playing the color by letter game she was able to know, say, and type the letters in her name!

When my 6 and 8 year old’s got home from school they wanted to try too. My 6 year old started up in the 1st grade section and played a math game. Even though the tablet recommends ages 3-7, there were some awesome games that even challenged my 8 year old (and me!) There was one called State of Confusion where you learn all the states, capitals, abbreviations, state flags, state birds, and state nicknames of the USA. Then you get to take a quiz! This morning my 8 year old saw some state abbreviations on the back of my water bottle and said, “Hey look-CT is Connecticut, HI is Hawaii, ME is Maine….” WOW! This tablet is awesome! It has so many fun educational games and activities! The best part is you don’t have to spend a bunch of money buying games like you do with other kids’ tablets, the Little Scholar already has them included! There are games designed to develop success in math, reading, spelling shapes, colors, letters, numbers, and more!

On this fun kids’ tablet you are able to take pictures with its camera that is located on the front or the one that is located on the back. They have several different filters to choose from, our favorite one was this one that twists your face into a crazy circle….we laughed and laughed and laughed together taking these photos. Here is one my 3 year old snapped of me! I promise I am not this creepy in real life!

In the book section you can choose a reading level based on easiness from 1-3. You can choose to have the books read to you or to read them yourself. This is perfect for both my 3 year old who can’t read yet and my 6 year old who is just getting the hang of reading! The books are enjoyable too!

The music section has a ton of different educational songs. My 3 year old daughter’s favorite is the one that counts from 1-100 counting by 10′s. The video section has it’s own TV series made by School Zone called Charlie and Company. It is about a golden retriever, his friends and learning adventures! It is fully loaded with fun which totals out to a value of $390!

Another awesome feature is the A+app for parents. This allows you to track which games your children are playing, how long they are playing for, what areas they need work in and what games they like most! I tried to get a picture of it, but it isn’t as clear as I’d like. This is an overview of what games have been played and how long they have been played for!

One of the A+ features tracks the spelling words your child has seen, spelled right, and the ones they still need work on! This is so handy when trying to help my learning to read 6 year old! I love this tablet!

The tablet is thoughtfully designed for little hands. It has a larger 8″ screen and has a textured easy grip bumper. It runs on Google Android 4.2.2 operating system and is available at Toys R Us NOW! These retail for up to $199.99 but are currently on sale for only $144.99 at Toys R Us! You can follow little Scholar on Facebook and on Twitter! This video really nails the little scholar features on the head—take a minute and check it out!

Looking for a kids’ tablet? Check out the Little Scholar Kids’ Tablet from School Zone!