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Tracing Fun! Write & Reuse Workbook

Mighty Mini software is a program designed to help teach Phonics to 6 year olds and up. When your child is learning to read, it is very important that they understand a few pre-reading skills such as individual letter sounds and the sound of different letter combinations. This can be tricky to teach since every kid has a different learning style. School Zone took this into consideration by presenting each lesson in different ways. Fun games and bright animations make learning fun with Mighty Mini software.

Savannah (5) has been reading for a while now. She really enjoys the rhyming games on the Mighty Mini software. She especially likes the game where you are asked to match a picture with a word that has the same beginning or ending sound.

Tracing Fun! Workbook helps kids ages 3-5 years old get a feel for pre-writing skills. This workbook is dry-erase, so practicing is easy to repeat. Tracing Fun! is a wonderful tool to help develop the necessary hand-eye coordination that is needed in writing. It also has bright colors and playful graphics that attract children and help make learning shapes, colors, numbers, and letters fun.

Cheyenne (3) is taking after her sister. She loves doing “homework” at the table next to her sister. This book is a great tool for us to prepare her for pre-school next year. She really enjoys writing her letters and is showing signs that she wants to learn to read them as well.

We LOVE School Zone; all of their products are very well made and my kids enjoy “playing” with them. I enjoy watching them have fun while they learn! School Zone makes it easy for me, as a parent, to participate in teaching my children outside of the classroom.

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Mom: Learning is 'Fun' With School Zone