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With the warmer weather finally here, getting our little ones to focus on their schoolwork is something that is much easier said than done. Of course I want them to be able to spend time enjoying the outdoors but, come spring and summer break, I would still like for them to keep education as a forefront in their minds. Having boys, however, often means that learning is not “fun” and, instead, something that merely interferes with their play time. Now, I’ve always done my best to try to incorporate aspects of excitement into everything that we do but, when it comes to the simpler things like practicing their tracing and penmanship, it can be a bit difficult. Even the best of us need a little help and, thankfully, that is where School Zone comes in.

Recently, I had the opportunity to try out some of the learning workbooks from School Zone. While I had previously purchased a handful of different books for my children, these books are by far the best I’ve seen yet. Normally, we’ll do about two pages per day but “workbook time” has become a dreaded part of the day… until now. School Zone sent my little ones and me a sampling of their products and, thus far, we absolutely love them!

After receiving four spectacular workbooks and a great little card game, we went to town. The Three-Letter Word Puzzle Cards were a great way to get the fun started. 

As our little ones are still perfecting the sounds of each individual letter, this particular game was quite helpful in terms of allowing them to sound out each letter, one by one, and incorporate a visual aspect in order to complete the picture puzzles. Starting off with a uniquely entertaining card game such as this, of course, led to a want to learn more so, onto the workbooks we went! 

School Zone was kind enough to send us a few different workbooks to not only allow them to brush up on and practice the material that they already know but, also, to help them as they continue on their educational journey to learn more. Having included their Big Alphabet P-K Workbook, the Big Preschool Workbook, a Giant Math Readiness Workbook, and the Big Kindergarten Workbook, we are surely set for all of spring break, the duration of summer, and a good way into the next school year as well! 

The kids absolutely love these books and “workbook time” is no longer a struggle but, instead, looked forward to. They actually ask to do more than their usual two pages and enjoy doing so. They’re always proud of what they’ve accomplished, are excited to show everyone how well they’ve done, and anxious to always do and learn more in every aspect, both, within and outside of the workbooks. It has been incredible to watch them go from one end of the spectrum to the other, and I am proud to say that School Zone helped us do just that.

Now, as much as they’ve grown to love all of these items, they aren’t exactly all too portable. Come summertime, we will definitely be enjoying the outdoors more and more, and this is usually where the lull in schoolwork-based learning would take place. Kids don’t want to be stuck indoors working when they could be outside playing and having fun, and rightfully so. However, to take the learning excitement one step further, School Zone have brought and incredible new product onto the market just in time for the spring and summer breaks. Introducing the all new Little Scholar!

Tablets designed for kids have been all the rage as of late and I have definitely seen a good lot of them personally. The School Zone Little Scholar tablet, however, completely changes the game. While many similar tablets revolve around apps and games similar to what we adults would find on our cell phones, the Little Scholar holds true to its name and places the primary focus back onto education.

The School Zone Little Scholar comes pre-loaded with more than 150 educational apps, eBooks, songs and videos for your child’s entertainment and academic enrichment. Between practicing basic math and writing skills, children can also enjoy an educational video series, build a solid literacy foundation with its “Start to Read!” program, and even get a little goofy with sing-alongs and photo play. With the built-in “A+ Report Card App,” parents can follow along and check up on their child’s progress through dynamic graphs and activity charts. Additionally, they’ve included an Android-based “School Zone Market” in which parents can download additional apps to the device if they so desire.

Having been searching for a children’s tablet for my own little ones for quite some time now, I have yet to see one reach this magnitude of greatness. The School Zone Little Scholar really does encompass the entirety of what parents hold as the ideal product for children. It is fun and it is educational. Finding a happy medium and mixture of the two is a find few and far in between but I think I’ve finally found it with School Zone. Between their massive collection of workbooks, flash cards, and software designed for children from preschool through grade six, and now with the inclusion of the Little Scholar tablet, you truly cannot go wrong.

BUY: You can purchase the entire line of School Zone including workbooks, flash cards, software directly from their website at as well as, both, online and in-store from a variety of children’s product and educational retailers (Toys R Us, Staples, Target, etc.) nationwide. The the new tablet is available exclusively from the School Zone website. Prices range from $3.99 for the flash cards to $199.99 for the Little Scholar tablet.

CONNECT: Be sure to keep up with School Zone via social media on Facebook, Twitter, and Pinterest to stay up to date on all of the latest news, sale prices, giveaways, new product releases, and more! School Zone is the epitome of making education exciting and I am thrilled to say that my little ones and I are eating up every second of it! 

Mother Likes School Zone Workbooks & Tablet