Mother: Little Scholar Worth Every Penny

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We live in a day and age where technology is king. It seems like everywhere you turn we are constantly surrounded by it.  Via phones, tablets, even apps for your TV. With new advancements everyday technology isn’t going anywhere so as a parent I have chosen to embrace it as part of my child’s learning environment.  My preschooler is surrounded by things to help him grow and explore the world around him.  He loves expressing himself and learning with crayons, dress up clothes, blocks, and robots/figurines/cars for creative play, that I simply see technology as one more media outlet to express his creativity and embark on learning adventures.

For Christmas K received the Little Scholar Educational Tablet from School Zone.  There are many tablets on the market that target his age group, but after seeing all that this tablet offered coupled with the fact that we already use several School Zone workbooks in our home, I knew this would be the perfect tablet for him to call his own.

The Little Scholar Educational Tablet is android based and full of great features.

Out Favorite Features

  • The Little Scholar Educational Tablet comes with 150+ premium preloaded apps, eBooks, songs, and videos – it’s ready to use right out of the box.  (Of course after he played with it a bit, we took it and set it up to our likings.)  Plus it has a very easy to use main menu.  My 4.5 year old had it figured out before I did!
  •  The A+ app allows me to see regular progress reports. I can see what he’s playing most, and where he is excelling and where he may need extra help.
  • With the Complete Start-to-Read eBook series my son is really loving the ability to “read” on his own.  He loves all the books and is always asking for more!
  • The tablet actually cheers him on! As he works through the games and educational apps the tablet praises him from his efforts.  His face just lights up when this happens!
  • I discovered I have a budding photographer! He loves the front-rear facing camera and taking his own pictures.  Then he can go in and play with special effects!

Perfect for road trips! We are getting ready to head out on a long drive and a two week stay away from home.  We plan on using the sing-along songs to break up the car ride, and then my older son will have something that he can play with while my younger son is having his testing done in the hospital.  There are so many apps that I don’t see K getting bored, but if he does I can actually download other fun android games like Angry Birds, and Where’s My Water.
I love that the same great educational qualities I found in the school zone workbooks are also in this tablet.  So while my son thinks he’s just playing, he’s actually learning things like basic math, reading, counting, and so much more!

I think we made the perfect choice in tablets for our son.  He really enjoys having a tablet of his very own, and I love that he is learning so much while playing.  In my opinion the books alone are worth the purchase, and the fact that it is preloaded with so many fun apps is great! So many tablets out there cost a similar amount but then require you to pay for more apps.  With the Little Scholar Educational Tablet you get so much for your money, and then if you still wanted more you have the option to add on more apps (many of which are free!)

The Little Scholar Educational Tablet costs $199 and in our opinion is worth every penny!

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Mother: Little Scholar Worth Every Penny