Digital Learning Programs ARE Truly Educational for Young Minds

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Product Review: Math 3 On-Track Software

Math 3 On-Track Software teaches and reinforces the math concepts third graders need to practice the most, such as addition, subtraction, multiplication, and division. This program is designed with a unique progress tracking feature, which allows children to work at their own pace, bookmarks their progress so they can pick up where they left off, and provides instant grading to motivate learning.

Colorful graphics, silly sound effects, audio encouragement, and entertaining animations make learning fun and reward progress. Clear audio guidance, step-by-step examples, and an electronic scratch pad add up to success!

Between exercises, children are rewarded with a variety of games, such as checkers. Personalized printouts provide off-screen learning opportunities and reinforce children’s hard work.

I have received numerous products over the years that have helped my daughters to learn and grow. They have been beneficial in our home school journey….but the Math 3 On-Track Software has been the first on-line game/teaching program that my daughters have “begged” me to play.

This program is simple to install and extremely easy to use. The best feature is that I instantly saw a difference in their addition and subtraction skills.

The program is simple for kids to understand. Complete a lesson and if you are successful you’ll receive a gold star and a green light next to your list of lessons. If you are not successful then you’ll receive a red check mark and a red light. You then can go on and redo the lesson or go to the next one. After all the lessons are complete you have mastered the program and can print out a cool certificate.

The fun part is that after every two lessons…you get to play a game. They include a “Pac-Man” style game with cats and mouse, checkers (which was actually challenging) and a feed the animals game (Mario Bros style). It was all great fun!!

As a mom/teacher I enjoyed the fact that each lesson was well explained before the child was to complete the page. Also, the program actually  has a mini scratch pad for the mathematics problems. Loved that!

Everything I have found at has been beyond superior and has worked well. I’m excited for the next opportunity as I love to see my girls learn and if they can have fun too! All the better.

Way to go!

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