By Mom's Gone Bronson
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My daughter is just 2 1/2 years old but has known how to recognize numbers and letters of the alphabet since she was a year old, and that was not via a lightning bolt or chance!

I have spent many wonderful hours sitting with her over those 2 years or so, reading books and singing songs and basically having fun while gradually incorporating some useful, educational knowledge along the way!

We don't watch too much T.V. at home, and I do allow her to watch the odd show BUT have always found it easier (and more entertaining) to sit with her one-on-one to help her learn and to build that love of knowledge on a day to day basis!

It is never too early to start the learning process, and it is never too late to introduce something new, and there is no right or wrong way, either! All children learn at the pace that is right for them and most of the time a child's interests can play a huge part in the process! You should never be discouraged if your child doesn't pick up the alphabet right away - they might just be better with numbers or vice versa! It doesn't have to be pushed, rushed or anything else! Just go with the flow and see what happens!

If you are thinking about, or have started to introduce letters, numbers, shapes and more to your child, then I have just the resources you'll need, and love, from School Zone!

School Zone is a large melting pot of educational tools designed to educate and entertain your child both in paper and digital form, with various aids such as workbooks, activity books, flash cards, software and more to keep you checking in online with rewards codes and incentives!

School Zone recently sent me a 4-pack of flash cards and a 6-pack of activity books to work with my child and I am certainly impressed! The quality of the books and cards are of very good value and made to last! The cards are recommended for ages 3-5 but, again, if your child is ready a little sooner, not quite there, or a little after then, that is more than fine, too!

Never too early for flexible learning products made to last