By Nickida | Nicki's Random Musings:

I’ve shared many times how important reading it to my husband and I in regards to our kids. From the time we found out we were going to be parents for the first time we started buying top children’s books to build a collection. We’ve read to my oldest since she was in my tummy and once she could read on her own we urge her to read to us. Our preschooler was diagnosed with Autism so we’ve been looking for different ways to help him with reading. We’ve found that in School Zone’s Little Scholar tablet for preschoolers.

Little Scholar Tablet comes with 54 Start to Read books, all include read along audio. For our non-verbal son this is the perfect way to read and learn new words. He can choose what stories he wants read to him at any time. He can replay those chapters over and over. He’s also learning life lessons and building his vocabulary. Seeing and hearing words help him when it’s time for him to communicate on his communication device at school. Having access to these books through technology has really helped with his reading.

Reading isn’t the only thing your child can do on this tablet. It comes preloaded with over 150 apps, songs and videos. You may be familiar with School Zone’s workbooks and now your child has access to the material from those books all in this one tablet. That makes it perfect for road trips. No more buying books over and over again and unlike the books you child can easily redo all their work and progress on the tablet. You can also download additional School Zone apps from the Amazon App Store for use with the tablet.

Parents can easily track their child’s progress right from the tablet. You can see how your child is performing and see what apps are being used by your child. It’s a great way to help guide learning. Use the parental controls to decide when to unlock wi-fi, customize apps, songs and books. The parental controls section is password protected so only parents can make changes.

Little Scholar is geared towards kids ages 3-7 years old, allowing them to master reading, math, spelling and so much more all while having fun. If you’re looking for a fun and educational tech gift for your little scholar be sure to add this tablet from School Zone. You can purchase your own Little Scholar Tablet for $129.99 from, or Toys R Us. Thanks to School Zone for sending us a Little Scholar Tablet for inclusion in our holiday gift guide.

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