Outstanding Value: Super Scholar Kindergarten Combo

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Review: Super Flash Action Kindergarten Scholar Software & Workbook

Kids are like sponges; they want to absorb, learn and grow, and at a rapid pace. My son is a shining example of that. He is thirsty for knowledge and loves asking thousands of questions a day pertaining to whatever we’re doing, where we are going, etc. I should really keep a running tally…I bet that thousand mark isn’t too off.

Don’t get me wrong, I’m thankful to be a stay at home Mom and I think it’s worked favorably in my 4-year-old’s case. In preparation for his upcoming pre-k year we began using site words, white boards for simple math equations, reading programs and more. I recently came across School Zone and their abundance of workbooks and other learning tools and knew this would be perfect for my son.

Their workbooks are geared towards children from preschool through sixth grade. We received the Super Kindergarten Workbook pictured above for my 4 year old. Although he’s beginning pre-k next week, he is advanced and I’m very proud of that! And how cool is that workbook…the lightening bolt matches my website!!

My son aka Super J loves his workbook and asked to do it daily, multiple times a day actually! I not only have him read the directions to me, but also complete each activity before moving on. We will work on several pages a day and he doesn’t get tired of it. I am so happy to see him excited about learning! We are only a small portion of the way through this 320 page workbook, but I am already impressed with the learning skills.
We make a family activity out of it which helps him feel special that he gets that undivided attention from both Mommy and Daddy. My husband is a teacher and sees the great qualities in the School Zone workbook as well.

Several of the workbooks come with an exciting bonus, Flash Action Software! It takes only minutes to download onto your computer and your child can begin learning while interacting with this educational game. Superhero characters such as Rex the Wonderdog will cheer children on as they practice sight words, picture words, alphabetical order, beginning sounds, categorizing, reasoning, and more. Three reward games reinforce learning, while clear instructions and audio encouragement help ensure success.

School Zone not only has Workbooks, but Software, Flash Cards, Activities and Books. Overall I am impressed with the learning skills of the Super Kindergarten Workbook and highly recommend this for any child entering or currently enrolled in Kindergarten. I also see the value in the software as my son is an avid techy who enjoys playing iPad/iPhone games and computer games. This is a great way to keep children entertained while learning at the same time.

The School Zone workbooks range from $2.99 and up. The Super Kindergarten Workbook is priced at just $19.99. I think that’s an outstanding value for a 320 page workbook, plus software!

Outstanding Value: Super Scholar Kindergarten Combo