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My daughter Savannah loves school. She is currently in kindergarten, though she tests at 1st and 2nd grade levels in some subjects. We have never had to push her to complete her school work or to practice her lessons outside of school. We have, however, made sure she has a supply of school workbooks and flash cards in a variety of lessons and subjects.

We regularly turn to School Zone for these materials.

For over 30 years, School Zone has offered tools that make learning fun. They have workbooks, flash cards, software and other products that have been designed to teach lessons in a fun way that children understand. School Zone products are geared towards children ages 3-12.

For our review, Savannah received a flash card combo pack for addition, Giant Spelling workbook and Giant Math workbook.

The Addition Combo Pack contains a skills pad, math flash cards and a #2 pencil. This set makes it easy to practice solving equations and testing your skills. Savannah likes math but isn’t confident with her skills. I think this set will help her practice and boost her confidence.

Giant Math covers addition, subtraction, fractions, time, money and word problems. This workbook is 320 pages of fun and engaging activities. Savannah breezed through the first few pages but then was challenged as the lessons got tougher. Because they are taught in an entertaining manner, even though she has been challenged, she hasn’t gotten overwhelmed.

Giant Spelling teaches vowel sounds, consonants, letter combinations, spelling patterns and word recognition. For as long as I can remember, Savannah has been asking, “How do you spell that?” She is really pretty good at sounding out words and figuring out how to spell them on her own. She even carries around a small dictionary. I think this workbook is going to help her increase her vocabulary and build her love of spelling.

School Zone makes learning fun. We have come to rely on their products and will continue to purchase them for our children.

Parent Relies on School Zone Products