by April | Mama on a Green Mission

My toddlers are ALWAYS grabbing for my iPad, but it’s really not a kid toy, in my opinion. I’ve been wanting to get them some kind of learning tablet for some time now and recently saw a video about School Zone’s Little Scholar tablet. This tablet looks to be just what we needed: an educational and fun gift for this holiday season!

I’m not big on giving my kids a lot of toys and gifts for Christmas. I have always been like that, even when ZZ was little. I just don’t want them thinking that gifts are the reason for the season. I do, however, like to select a few gifts that will be beneficial to them in some way. Educational items are priority in our house and when we were recently sent the School Zone Little Scholar tablet for review I couldn’t wait to get my hands on it to see what it included.

It turned out this tablet included more than I could have imagined! The tablet has an 8″ screen and comes ready to play — no prepping/installing, etc needed! This educational and fun gift has more than 150 apps, videos, songs and books! You don’t have to buy anything extra or download apps once you open it up! They are all there! You don’t even need Wi-Fi!! Even the protective bumper (shown in the above photo) is included!

THE Educational and Fun Gift for This Holiday Season

It took my 4 year old a matter of minutes to figure out how this tablet works. It’s super kid (user) friendly and really has some amazing apps! It’s definitely that educational and fun gift that we’ve been looking for in a tablet! This tablet is designed for preschoolers, kindergarteners and even first graders! It is something your child (or the gift recipient) will enjoy for several years! It’s well worth the investment in their education!

The Little Scholar tablet is priced at just $129.99, which is a very competitive rate in the tablet industry. In fact, try getting a tablet with 150+ apps for this price anywhere else! You’ll find it near impossible. It really is a great deal! This educational and fun gift will help your little one in the areas of math, reading, spelling and other essential skills needed for school!

Parental Aspects of Little Scholar

Outside of the educational aspect, the tablet also encourages creativity with things like the camera! My little guy loves taking pictures and has already tried “being like mama” and taking pictures of “things for the computer” (aka blog). haha! The camera can be used front or rear facing and can be edited with silly special effects for lots of fun! There’s even a sing-along-song section for more fun! It’s really limitless on what you can do and how much fun can be had!

With all of the fun, we still have to be parents and utilize the parental controls. Information from School Zone about the parental controls:

A password-protected parent section includes access to an app management feature, a device setting for accessing Wi-Fi, and a custom app store, which allows for additional downloads. Parents can also customize which apps, music, and e-books are active on the Little Scholar® tablet to fit their children’s learning needs. This can help avoid distraction or overload, and also allows focusing on specific skills or ages.

The Little Scholar tablet is full of learning and fun and, as parents, it’s something we can trust with our kids! It’s a huge benefit to their learning journey and is definitely the educational and fun gift we’ve all been looking for!

Perfect for Toddlers – Little Scholar is an Educational and Fun Gift!