Prevent Your Child’s Summer Brain Drain with the School Zone Advantage


Grand Haven, MIJune 29, 2010 – Summer vacation is here and your children are primed and ready for endless hours of sun, sports, and swimming. They have so much free time at their disposal that opportunities to grow and learn tend to get wasted without proper planning, and teachers and parents are becoming concerned about how much knowledge their children lose from brain drain over the summer.

And they should be. According to the National Summer Learning Association, when children have an education-free summer vacation, they lose nearly two months worth of grade-level equivalency in math skills. The study also showed that, with an education-free summer, low-income students lose more than two months worth of reading achievement. The amount of brain drain a child can experience over the course of their primary education is absolutely staggering.

As a parent, the power to prevent your child’s summer brain drain is in your hands—literally. With just a few clicks of your mouse, you can provide fun, engaging, educational software and materials for your children all summer long. Not only will they be entertained for hours at a time, but your children will also have a significant edge when school begins again because they never stopped learning and growing.

School Zone—the most experienced, trusted, and popular publisher of educational workbooks, software, and flash cards for children—has been curing brain drain and giving children an advantage for over 30 years. The content, color, creativity, and engaging features of the products provide your children with the educational resources to achieve their academic potential. Prevent your children’s brain drain this summer with the School Zone advantage.

The Workbook Advantage

School Zone educational workbooks are simple, fun, and effective for children of all ages. Workbooks for preschool through sixth grade come with easy instructions for children to understand and apply, and a straightforward parent guide that suggests a natural sequence of engaging exercises. Every workbook features pleasant, smiling, and funny characters that feel like friends and energize children to learn. With the workbook advantage, preparation and reinforcement of classroom skills can be used for working independently all summer long!

The Flash Cards Advantage

School Zone flash cards for children are interactive, mobile, and focused for a summer full of fun. They can go anywhere your child can—vacation, camp, the car, or the park—because learning happens everywhere. Each card contains a single image or word so your children can visually connect one idea at a time. With the flash cards advantage, parents can work with children and children can work with each other to learn in a more efficient and hands-on way.

The School Zone Advantage

Don’t let your children’s education suffer because of summer brain drain. The power to help them achieve their academic potential is in your hands. Prevent summer brain drain with the School Zone advantage. Engaging, interactive, and educational workbooks and flash cards for children are a mouse click away at

School Zone Publishing Company is a leading provider of educational products for preschoolers through sixth graders. Since 1979, this family-run, Midwestern-based company has sold over 315 million educational workbooks, flash cards, software applications, and games. Trusted by teachers and parents, School Zone leads the industry in quality content at affordable prices.