Product Review: Addition Combo Pack

By Mami's 3 Little Monkeys
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The Addition Combo Pack comes with 55 flash cards, a 32-page skills pad and a pencil. Even though Jedilynn scored above the district AND national average on her MAP tests I strongly know that repetition leads to confidence and the mastering of basic math facts, which she will use for the rest of her life! While mastering basic math facts now will make tackling more advanced math easier later on in school and life.

The 55 time-tested, traditional flash cards make practicing addition facts 0-12 easy. So easy, I don't even have to sit down with her and drill her on the math facts. I can hear her in her room saying the equations and answers on her own, and she even attempts to teach her 2-year-old brother, Cade, these math facts. In addition to the ease of using these flash cards, they are bold and bright, not dull and boring, making it even more fun than if mom were to just write down boring equations in a notebook. 

The 32 practice pages have a total of 430 addition problems! I know I definitely do not want to sit here and try to come up with over 400 different addition problems for Jedilynn to practice.

I have Jedilynn do one practice sheet at least twice a week after homework is complete. Even on Wednesday nights when she has her Girl Scouts meeting, if I do not hand her a sheet to do she often asks for one on her own! She LOVES when I time her; they have learned about how to tell time in school, and I ask her questions about how to figure out how much longer til dinner or bedtime, etc., so now we are also comparing her times for each sheet she does.

Product Review: Addition Combo Pack