Product Review: Bedtime Alphabet Night-Time Learning, Interactive Flash Cards

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Review: Bedtime Alphabet Night-Time Learning, Interactive Flash Cards

I can't stop thinking about how Jayden will be going to kindergarten very soon. Although it is months away I just know the time will fly by. As much as I know I am not ready for him to go to school, I also know I want him to be ready. Jayden knows his letters and letter sounds, but it never hurts to have extra practice. School Zone sent me their Bedtime Alphabet Interactive flash cards.

There are 32 cards included as well as a flashlight. By shining the flashlight through the cards a shadow in the shape of letters and letter sounds appears. After receiving the cards Jayden and I pulled them out one night at bedtime. We lay together in his bed. Jayden pulled out his flashlight, and then we realized the cards came with a flashlight. At first, Jayden was looking at the cards, and I had to point out the shadow on the ceiling. Jayden liked naming the letter and the items in the pictures. He was able to identify almost all of them. There were a couple of images that he had a harder time identifying. I was able to remind him of the letter sound, and then he was able to get them. The cards are a great size for him to hold and shine the light through. The cards seem pretty sturdy, but I'd like to have seen them made from a thick plastic to help them last longer.

In addition to using the cards to make a shadow light on the ceiling or wall, there are other activities the cards can be used for. With 96 different shapes cut out they can be used as stencils for drawing. Also, on the back of the cards there are parts to a puzzle and 6 of the cards make up a complete picture. Some of the skills that can be learned with these cards include letters, letter sounds, alphabet, reading readiness, creativity, imagination, problem-solving, fine motor skills, following directions, and eye-hand coordination.

Product Review: Bedtime Alphabet Night-Time Learning, Interactive Flash Cards