by Melissa | Product Review Cafe

What we received:

Little Scholar Learning Tablet set with protective case, charger and cord. Everything is included to get started using the product right away, no batteries are required. The actual tablet we received is blue, the case is purple. I think the color combination is fairly neutral for either boys or girls.


The Little Scholar tablet is geared for ages 3 and up including activities, games and more for pre-kindergarten through 1st grade. The tablet includes over 150 preloaded apps ; games, videos, music, activities and more. There is no need to download anything to start using.

Other features include:

  • WIFI capability
  • Camera
  • Reporting tracking app

What we thought:

This tablet is quite impressive for the money. They start at about $100 and vary from store to store. Upon opening the box, I noticed the cord right away. It is just too short. This is a huge pet peeve of mine. I’m not sure the reason, but all devices seem to come with inconveniently short cords. It drives me crazy. I assume it has something to do with safety, still annoying.

The tablet is easy to use and navigate, loads fairly quickly and we encountered no errors, hiccups or anything that required rebooting. The product was tested over a week with an average daily use of about 4 hours.

My 11 year old daughter helped with the testing, she loves this tablet. While they say it is for ages through 1st grade, I have to admit there were a few things we came across that even my daughter at her age could benefit from. For instance, the app about fractions.

Overall Assessment:

I think the Learning Scholar Tablet is a great learning tool , it is easy to use and we liked that you do not have to start fresh with a blank tablet and download all kinds of apps. Just charge and start using! I wish they would reconsider the cord length and maybe offer a few different colors.

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