Product Review: Learning the Alphabet with Bedtime Flash Cards

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Review: Bedtime Alphabet Night-Time Learning, Interactive Flash Cards

My daughter has special needs. Sometimes it can be a very hard task to try to teach her new things. She has been having a lot of difficulty with her alphabet letters. She knows most of the letters, but sometimes she still gets a few letters mixed up, like W and M. And sometimes Y and V. We have tried a lot of different ways of teaching her the alphabet, like traditional flash cards, books, educational shows and DVD's. But so far, nothing has really seemed to grab her interest or really teach her thoroughly. Until now.

These Bedtime Alphabet interactive flash cards from School Zone are the best. They are super fun for my daughter. They come with their own mini flashlight. She really loves that. And bedtime also seems like the perfect time to do this with my child. She is winding down. She seems to be less defiant, less distracted, less hyper and she really loves to lay in her bed and play with the flash cards with me. The cards have fun cutouts that you shine the light through onto the wall or the ceiling. You can make the uppercase letters and shapes dance all over the walls and ceilings.

What's even cooler is that you can also play with these cards during the day. The cutouts make great stencils! You can draw all of the alphabet letters and the fun shapes, too. There are 32 cards. 26 letter cards and 6 cards that have different shapes. These 6 cards also have puzzle pieces on the back so that you can put together a cute little puzzle. These cards can be hours of fun. And so far, they have been great for my daughter. She LOVES the bedtime part especially. It's never been so easy to ask her to go to bed.

Product Review: Learning the Alphabet with Bedtime Flash Cards