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Summer will be here in the blink of an eye! It’s already mid-April!!! My oldest takes his 5th grade camping trip soon, state testing begins in a few short weeks, we’re in the process of signing the 5-year-old up for school in the fall, shorts and tees are already staple wear for us in NC…yep, summer is right around the corner!

What do you do to keep your kids “educated” and learning fresh new things daily while summer break and vacations are in full swing? It’s hard to drag them in from sun and sand and get them to read a book or practice math problems when all they want to do is play til the stars come out! And you don’t want to push it too hard; being a kid during summer vacation is memory making in the works! It’s bliss; they will treasure those days forever! Yet…we parents need to clear the cobwebs of learning from their minds before back to school hits too hard.

That’s where School Zone comes in! Workbooks, flash cards, and software to keep your kids learning at a fun pace all year round. The (Three-Letter Words) wipe-clean flashcards...are divine for our rising kindergartener! No wasted paper, repetition to ensure he’s getting it, and once these sight words have been mastered, we can easily pass it down to the next child in line. An affordable learning tool that can go with you anywhere! Something to keep them busy in the car on the way to the beach or a quick educational moment while relaxing at Nana’s!

Product Review: Three-Letter Words Write-on Learning Flash Cards & More