Review: School Zone Software & Workbook Helps Preschooler

By The Reynolds Mom
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School Zone Publishing Company is home to the "World's Best Workbooks, Flash Cards & Software." With such a specific focus, they're able to bring the absolute best in educational products to families everywhere. Prior to this review I really didn't even know they existed (although the logo was familiar), and now I'm pretty stoked to purchase more of their educational products in the near future. Their products will not disappoint and your child will be learning while having fun all at the same time!

I received the Super Flash Action Preschool Software & Workbook and also the Alphabet Express Deluxe Software from School Zone to review. I must admit that I haven't been meeting my goal of teaching Buddy at home everyday. I've come to learn that I'm not very creative in terms of teaching in unique ways either, so workbooks and software programs seem to be the best help for me. Thankfully Buddy learns well with them too!

The Super Preschool Workbook is perfect for Buddy's learning and ability levels right now. He's 3 1/2 and this workbook is best for preschool children age 3-5. This workbook is huge and features 320 pages of fun activities and essential readiness basics such as colors, shapes, the alphabet, basic phonics, numbers, early math, opposites, and more! Above you can see Buddy working on the very first page, something he was very eager to figure out all by himself! The first pages start out with very simple concepts, and here he was learning how to trace and follow the path while staying in the lines. Working on fine motor skills and concentration are skills taught and practiced throughout. This workbook really seems to build a great foundation from the beginning and gradually increases in the difficulty of the activities as you go through it. 

We have many other workbooks at home and this is definitely the first that is spot on in regards to Buddy's level. Some preschool workbooks are a bit advanced and more like Kindergarten age, while some of them are too young for him. This is the first one that I plan on doing every single page until we're done! I also feel that this workbook is really a great aid in learning how to read and write, and will definitely help us get off on the right foot. 

The Flash Action Colors, Shapes, & More Software that came with the Super Preschool Workbook has also been a fantastic help. It features the learning game, 12 nimble numbers, shape stack-up, super sandbox, mix & match music and more. It's another learning route that reinforces the concepts of the workbook and provides us with another fun way to teach Buddy. He's very good with computers at his young age, and programs like this are really helping him improve his use of the mouse and clicking too.

The Alphabet Express Software we received is jam packed with so many fun activities that I can't believe it's only $9.99! The Alphabet Express Software can be purchased by itself, or also with the Alphabet Express workbook. Also intended for ages 3-5, this software features 30 Dot-to-Dot puzzles, 15 maze puzzles, 10 hidden letter pictures, 78 coloring activities, a firehouse game, movies, letter scenes, and an alphabet menu to explore each letter of the alphabet. With so many types of activities available, Buddy doesn't get bored and is quite delighted with it actually! He is somewhat independent with this program, but to avoid any frustration with letter sounds I try to sit with him most the time. This software will definitely accommodate a preschooler at their current level of understanding since the different activities offer certain concepts, some harder than others.

Skills covered in this software are letter recognition, letter-sound association, beginning sounds, alphabetical order, and vocabulary building. Of course, it's great for helping familiarize your child with using a computer and the mouse too. Buddy was flipping through the Super Preschool workbook and decided to do a dot-to-dot activity that was far back in the workbook. This was something new for us and Buddy is LOVING it! I'm so thrilled that the Alphabet Express software also has this activity in it for Buddy to do over and over again. You can see above an actual look at a dot-to-dot puzzle in progress on the left, and the little clip that shows once it's completed! It's been an amazing help for Buddy in being able to quickly and easily figure out the next letter of the alphabet, and I've taught him to sing the alphabet while he does it. It's quite amazing to see him soak up a concept and put it into practice! Overall the entire Alphabet Express software program is one of the best interactive preschool programs I've seen so far. I'm very impressed with School Zone it's given me back some motivation to teach Buddy more and more each day!

Review: School Zone Software & Workbook Helps Preschooler