By Sassy Reviews & Giveaways/Mandy Viertel

My son was so excited when he was able to open up the package that we received from SchoolZone, the first thing that came out of his mouth was “my homework is here!” There really are no words to explain how happy he was to receive these products as well. My son, who turned 6 in November, is Autistic and Developmentally Delayed and these 2 workbooks have helped him out with so much stuff. He is becoming more prepared for school next year by working in these books.

Before he would get so frustrated with trying to figure things out, but when he started working on his Little Thinkers Workbook, he was going to town on it. He was so busy working in it and actually having fun. He took his time to think about what he was looking at and what he was supposed to do.

The Try-n-Spy Adventure Workbook was so much fun for him. We would sit at the table and look through the pictures to find the objects and more. There are so many amazing pictures along with all the vibrant colors that catches the kids’ attention.

I would recommend these books and more from SchoolZone to any parent for any kid of any ages!! They are just amazing books and if these 2 are amazing books, I can only imagine what their other books, software, and flashcards are like and how great they are! Each book is $2.99, which is a great price for these amazing books...

Reviewer Praise Little Thinkers and Try-n-Spy Workbooks