By Saving Well Spending Less:

We live in a world now where electronics are all around. We try to keep our children away from the typical iPads, iPhones and video games but they just want to play. My son is going to be 5 next month and while he is just starting to get into video games, I still try to keep him away from it. I would much rather them be playing outside or being creative with other things. If I do allow them to play on their kindles, it is only for a small amount of time per day. When I had the opportunity to review the School Zone Little Scholar Tablet, I was very excited.

My son is pretty lazy when it comes to “school work” It was so much simpler with my older daughter because she was actually interested in learning. Unfortunately, my son did not follow in her foot steps. When I received the School Zone Little Scholar Tablet he was pretty excited. He literally couldn’t wait until I took my photo’s so he can start playing on it.

This Tablet has all the works included. They thought of it all! There are 200+ preloaded educational apps. You can play with or without Wi-Fi (Which is huge) My son takes it in the car and we do not need to worry that it will not work. It also includes a free bumper! I know my son drops everything so that comes in really handy.

Skills: colors, shapes; patterns; counting; numbers; addition; subtraction; letters; ABCs; uppercase letters; lowercase letters; multiplication; telling time; counting coins; phonics; rhyming; beginning letters; letter sounds; short and long vowel sounds; letter blends; spelling; matching; same and different; vocabulary; critical thinking; memorization; problem-solving; fine motor skills; observation; eye-hand coordination; focusThe games were awesome. He was having such a great time. I would defiantly recommend this to everyone who loves watching their child learn.

Saving Well Spending Less | Learning is fun with the School Zone Little Scholar Tablet!