By Savory Savings:

It feels like my kids always want to play on my phone or my tablet, but often times I feel guilty that they are just playing “fluff” games during their limited screen time and I would much rather multitask that time to help improve their skills. At the same time, I don’t want to pay for a ton of apps nor do I want to bog my phone down with all of that, so findings a good kids tablet was something hubby and I wanted to do for Christmas, especially for Miss LadyBug. I received the Little Scholar kids tablet from School Zone in exchange for my honest opinion.

The Little Scholar is a kids tablet that runs on an Android system that kids are familiar with (so limited learning curve if they’ve played with other systems before), but allows for complete parental control. No credit cards or registration pages to go through when you first get in, no apps to download (it comes with 200 pre-loaded apps!) and no Wi-Fi needed, so kiddos are ready to go and play/learn right from the first time they turn it on!

I love how easy it is to use and that it uses cute characters (shout out to Charlie!) to engage kids. This is aimed at the preschool to first grade crowd (so around 3 years old to 7ish). For Miss LadyBug, this is right up her alley. The characters, the music and the total integration of learning into the games.

The Little Scholar kids tablet also includes a front and rear camera that will get kids giggling when they take their first selfies (or follow the cat around with it, as Miss LadyBug does at times!). Extra bonus, the Little Scholar comes with a free protective bumper that helps little hands hold on to the tablet, as well as protecting it from some bumps along the way. I love that it comes with all the needed cords – so you have your USB connector for quick charging, as well as a wall unit giving you lots of options.

As I mentioned, it comes with 200 apps preloaded, but if that is not enough, you can add more via Amazon. The skills the Little Scholar helps building runs a major gauntlet from reading to writing (tracing – love it!), math, vocabulary and so much more! Kids and parents will love this kids tablet for all the right reasons and you will have way less tech-guilt (I know I do!). Learn more about the Little Scholar and all of the amazing educational toys from School Zone by following them on Facebook and Twitter!

Savory Savings | This Kids Tablet from School Zone Makes a Great Gift