School Zone, Award-Winning Publisher of Children’s Educational Products, Announces
Wonder Words: Beginning Sight Words & Picture Words Flash ActionTM Software & Workbook Combo
GRAND HAVEN, MI– August 1, 2007—With two terrific ways to learn, Wonder Words: Beginning Sight Words & Picture Words is an important addition to School Zone Publishing Company’s award-winning line of Flash Action software. Packaged with both an interactive CD-ROM and a fun-filled workbook, Wonder Words successfully teaches early reading and spelling skills by blending the best of today’s technology with traditional educational approaches. School Zone Publishing Company is a market leader in children’s educational products with over 27 years of experience in providing top quality content at affordable prices.
Wonder Words: Beginning Sight Words & Picture Words is designed for children ages 5 and up. Wonder Words teaches word recognition, reading comprehension, categorizing, sequencing, and more. The secret to its success is the unique combination of workbook and software:
Wonder Words workbook: The workbook introduces children to a variety of skills with the goal of making learning to read and spell more fun. Each page features an essential skill exercise while encouraging reasoning and problem solving. Packed with vibrant illustrations, easy-to-follow instructions, and plenty of content variety, the Wonder Words workbook ensures learning success both in school and at home.
Wonder Words software: The CD-ROM is both PC and Mac compatible and is the perfect learning tool for today’s computer savvy children. It features a friendly team of superhero characters who encourage children as they practice word recognition, alphabetical order, beginning sounds, reasoning, and more. Packed with fun-filled learning exercises and games, Wonder Words software provides a solid foundation for essential skills in an upbeat, interactive environment.
“We have always strived to provide the highest quality content at affordable prices. Our very successful Flash Action software line gives children two wonderful ways to develop essential learning skills," says CEO Jonathan Hoffman.
Wonder Words: Beginning Sight Words & Picture Words is available for the low price of $17.99. For more information on School Zone’s award-winning roster of flash cards, workbooks, and interactive software for children, visit www.schoolzone.com.
Wonder Words: Beginning Sight Words & Picture Words Flash Action Software & Workbook Combo Facts at a Glance:
— The combo provides two great ways to learn with both a CD-ROM and a workbook.
— The software and workbook are based on over 27 years of School Zone’s superior educational content.
— The software and workbook teach essential skills.
— The combo was designed to facilitate effective developmental growth. 
— The workbook and software was specially developed for ease-of-use.
— The unique design makes learning fun for children.