By Tere Scott

Summertime is a time to run through the sprinkler, sit in the shade, enjoy frozen treats, or go on a family trip. Long hours in the car with a vocally bored child, is never any fun. Fill long road trip hours with summertime learning by downloading educational Android and iPad apps before you hit the road.

School Zone is an online educational store that provides learning materials for children. Find out what apps School Zone recommends here.

Does your child need help with math? Try Flash Action Multiplication or Addition, both download for $4.99.Keep your child on target with grade-level On-Track Math apps.

Does your child need help with reading? Choose from numerous phonics apps.

Does your child need help with spelling? Download Spelling 1-2, or choose from a variety of alphabet and letter apps.

If you’re tired of the core subjects and truly just want to take a summer break to enjoy, you will still find enough fun puzzle, dot-to-dot, match game, and other game-playing apps that provide an undertone of learning with the main action of fun. And, fun means quiet miles of driving until you reach your destination.

School Zone Apps Highlighted for Summer Fun and Learning