School Zone Creates Cutting-Edge Children’s Apps for Intel 

World’s Leader in Educational Software for Children Debuts 15 New Titles for Intel’s Application 
Grand Haven, Michigan, September 14, 2010 –  When Intel unveils its new application store today, two “apps” from School Zone will be among the first ready for download – with more than a dozen to follow in the next two weeks.

Representatives from the Grand Haven-based publisher, which is the world’s leader in educational software for children, will be on hand in San Francisco this week when technology giant Intel launches the Intel® AppUp center. The Intel AppUp center is the first store for downloadable applications, or apps, optimized for the mobility and screen size of netbooks.

Intel reached out to School Zone to develop customized apps for the Intel AppUp center. Two titles – Phonics Made Easy Flash Action and Addition & Subtraction Flash Action – will be downloadable for $4.99 when AppUp opens for business on Wednesday. An additional 13 titles are being finalized and will be added to the online store by the end of the month.

School Zone, which offers more than 60 educational software titles, was also one of the first software companies to develop apps for the spring debut of the iPad. Sales of School Zone iPad apps have been strong, with multiple apps having achieved the top 100-grossing educational apps status. According to President and CEO Jonathan Hoffman, this has fueled the momentum for School Zone to get in on the ground floor yet again with Intel.

“We feel complimented to have worked with Intel to make our educational programs available for netbooks through the Intel AppUp center,” Hoffman said. “Our kid-friendly programs are best in class and really resonate with both parents and children, who appreciate how we make learning fun. Our apps are extremely well suited for netbook technology, which continues to gain traction in the computing world.

“Our development team has again delivered, working long nights to meet very short deadlines. We look forward to joining with Intel to bring great content to the AppUp center and feel that today is the beginning of a lasting collaboration.”

The new School Zone apps are interactive and educational programs designed to develop reading, writing and math skills in children from pre-kindergarten through the 4th grade. They are all designed to make it easy – and fun – for children to explore the alphabet, addition, money, fractions, phonics and other basic skills.

Barbara Peacock, managing director of technology for School Zone, says that her software team has been impressed with the Intel AppUp Developer Program.

“Educational software and netbooks are a perfect fit," Peacock explained. "We understand how to design for mobile devices, and we also understand what works with young children. As a result, our titles are colorful, exciting, fun and educational.“

“Intel has supported our efforts throughout the process of developing our software for netbooks. Intel has an obvious desire to provide high-quality content on the Intel AppUp center, and School Zone is up for the task. We look forward to introducing our products to another generation of increasingly tech-savvy children.”

The new titles include:
–  Spelling 1-2. An interactive opportunity for children to increase word recognition and spelling proficiency with the flexibility to add weekly school spelling words.
–  Phonics Made Easy Flash Action. A fun way to learn sounds and syllables using a question-and-answer format that combines colorful animation, numbers and charts.
–  Time, Money and Fractions On-Track. Exercises designed to offer practice counting and adding coins, telling time and working with fractions.
–  First Grade Pencil Pal. Captain Bingham Bear has a clever craft full of hidden surprises that allows children to practice essential first-grade skills.

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