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By Jade Burke |

'With the launch of Anywhere Teacher, we continue to expand easy access for families across a variety of digital platforms,' says School Zone's Jonathan Hoffman.

School Zone has debuted its new brand Anywhere Teacher, which features an online destination of learning products to provide a learning experience tailored for children and parents.

The new brand coincides with the launch of for children aged two to eight, which connects with them wherever they are. provides a subscription-based learning environment, boasting digital flash cards, games, interactive worksheets and printable activities.

“Throughout 2016, School Zone’s ongoing focus has been on not only the digital conversion of our assets, but distribution as well. Our original and award-winning programming, workbooks, flash cards and other products have helped millions of parents give their children an early learning advantage,” said Jonathan Hoffman, CEO of School Zone.

“With the launch of Anywhere Teacher, we continue to expand easy access for families across a variety of digital platforms, providing parents with the utmost freedom to view our material on any platform anywhere, anytime, globally.”

Customers who choose to sign up for a free trial will receive a welcome gift mailed to their child.

Barbara Peacock, MD of School Zone, added: “A parent’s role is increasingly important in our children’s education today, especially because there are a lot of entertainment only based alternatives.

"Anywhere Teacher is a fun and cost-effective supplemental learning “solution” that captivates, motivates and energises young minds and helps make parental participation in their child’s education an effective partnership because they are utilising tools that have been developed based on decades of research and broad-based experience working with educators.

“Everyone at School Zone Inc. has taken immense pride and dedication to create this powerful experience tailored for children and parents. Taking this digital world and making it tangible beyond the screen in a guaranteed, simple, safe way is the Anywhere goal.”

School Zone debuts Anywhere Teacher brand |