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School Zone Publishing Company carries the world’s best workbooks, flash cards and software for children of all ages. Whether your kids are Pre-K or getting ready for Middle School, you will be able to find hundreds of resources to help them excel in math, spelling, reading and more! Here are some reasons why the School Zone Publishing Company would be a great choice to help your child establish “confidence in the classroom.”

The most experienced, trusted, and popular publisher of preschool and elementary workbooks, software, and flash cards for children with over 300 million products sold in 30+ years!

School Zone is by teachers, for teachers and parents. Their research-based content developed by leading educators delivers state-of-the-art learning styles and techniques.

School Zone is an outstanding value! Products brimming with more content, color, creativity, and bonus features at prices lower than other publishers.

Review: Super Flash Action Reading Made Easy Software Workbook Combo for children ages 6 and 7.

This School Zone workbook was perfect for my 2nd grader who hates reading! He has always preferred math or anything that involves playing outside! He gets extremely frustrated when he tries to read a book and doesn’t understand a specific word or what is going on in the story. He also gets distracted very easily. With the Super Reading Made Easy workbook, he doesn’t have to sit and read a 20-page story, he can work at his own pace.

Plus, with the huge variety of activities and worksheets he never gets bored! When we got this book he was in the middle of watching Star Wars. I brought it in to show him and he immediately got up, grabbed a pencil and started working! That never happens! He has already made a lot of progress and hasn’t complained once about being bored. (his number one complaint about anything!) I would recommend the Super Reading Made Easy workbook to any child who loves, or doesn’t love, reading!

School Zone “Super Reading Made Easy” workbooks are in stores now! They can also be purchased here.

School Zone: Helps Kids Find Confidence in Classroom