School Zone Interactive Introduces “Math 1-2”, the First Revised
Title in Their Deluxe Series, for Holiday 2003

Packed with exciting interactive activities that teach and reinforce first and second grade
math skills, Math 1-2 has been updated to enhance learning

GRAND HAVEN, MI. August 6, 2003—School Zone Interactive announces the release of Math 1-2, the newly revised title in their Deluxe software series. School Zone has taken this popular seller and upgraded the features and technology, to provide young students a wider range of learning, fun and creativity. The new Math 1-2 helps children, ages 6-9, learn first and second grade math skills as they explore 3 magical worlds, 23 adventure games and 100,000 math problems. Even better, Math 1-2 comes packaged with an 80-page color workbook, all for $15.99.
Sure to be a Holiday favorite, Math 1-2 reinforces essential skills including shapes, patterning, skip counting, fractions, addition, subtraction, equations, place value and more. Users can magically be transported from the Main Menu’s transmodufier to 3 fun game worlds. Bean Works, where they practice place value, Astrosplat, a math-based outer-space arcade game, and Swamp Hop, where children must correctly answer math problems to cross the jungle swamp. Each game offers multiple levels of difficulty with auto-adjusting capabilities to keep the challenges fresh.
To reward success and motivate learning, Math 1-2 features a Reward Room where children use reward pieces to complete the puzzle and activate the creature-making machine. Children will have hours of learning fun collecting all 9 creatures. Visit the newly animated creature gallery to play with these friendly beasts then print their picture to share with family and friends. 
“We are very proud of our flagships titles and pleased that they have helped so many children learn the educational skills they need to succeed in today’s fast-paced classrooms” says Jonathan Hoffman, School Zone Interactive CEO. “With our on-going renewal of our Deluxe series, we will significantly upgrade the technology, creativity and learning activities to these favorite titles for a brand new group of young students to enjoy.” 
Math 1-2 now supports multiple users through its user logon screen and no longer requires any 3rd party system software, including Apple QuickTime. It keeps detailed statistics on all users and has a new intuitive “help” program that will automatically play instructions when a cursor is over application functions. Math 1-2 requires less than 2 MB disk space and is available for $15.99 on both Windows® and Macintosh® systems.
— Based on 20 years of School Zone’s award-winning educational content. 
— Newly released Deluxe series best-seller.
— Teaches essential first and second grade math skills.
— Offers over 100,000 math problems, 23 adventure games and 3 magical worlds.
— Features adjustable levels of difficulty and up to 10 levels of play options.
— Easy to use and understand. 
— Requires only 2MB disk space and no 3rd party software.
— Includes an 80-page color workbook. 
— Terrific price at $24.95.