School Zone Interactive Introduces Spelling 1-2,
a Newly Revised Title in Their Deluxe Series,
perfect for preventing “summer brain drain” 

Packed with exciting, interactive activities that teach and reinforce
first and second grade spelling skills, Spelling 1-2 has been
updated to enhance learning.
GRAND HAVEN, MI— April 2, 2007— School Zone Interactive announces the release of Spelling 1-2, the newly revised title in their Deluxe Software Series. School Zone has taken this popular seller and upgraded the features and technology to provide young students a wider range of learning, fun, and creativity. The new Spelling 1-2 helps children, ages 6-9, learn first and second grade spelling skills as they take a magical journey under the sea where three games provide unique spelling practice. Spelling 1-2 includes over 2,000 first and second grade level words. Plus, personal spelling lists can be added while playing. Even better, Spelling 1-2 comes packaged with a colorful 64 page workbook, all for $15.99.
Sure to be a summer favorite, Spelling 1-2 will help children keep their spelling skills sharp. As children explore Spelling 1-2, they will discover three exciting underwater games. In the Ship’s Galley, children learn to spell by seeing the word, hearing it, and then typing it. At the Coral Reef, children learn to spell by unscrambling mixed-up letters to make words. In Neptune’s Cave, children learn to recognize the correct spelling of words by picking out the real word from among a number of misspelled versions.
To reward success and motivate learning, each of the underwater games feature trapped fish; with correct answers, children can release the fish and win lagoon prizes. The fish that are released go to live in a Tropical Lagoon. Children can use the reward prizes they have won to decorate and personalize the lagoon. Spelling 1-2 provides hours of learning fun as children practice important spelling concepts. 
“We are very proud of all of our software titles and pleased that they have helped so many children learn the educational skills they need to succeed in today’s fast-paced classrooms,” says Jonathan Hoffman, School Zone Interactive CEO. “With our on-going renewal of our Deluxe Series, we will significantly upgrade the technology, creativity, and learning activities of these favorite titles for a brand-new group of young students to enjoy.” 
Spelling 1-2 now supports multiple users through its user log-on screen and no longer requires any 3rd party system software, including Apple QuickTime. It keeps detailed statistics on all users and has a new, intuitive “help” program that will automatically play instructions when a cursor is over application functions. Spelling 1-2 is available for $15.99 and can be used on both Windows® and Macintosh® systems.
— Based on 28 years of School Zone’s award-winning educational content. 
— Newly revised Deluxe Series best-seller.
— Teaches first and second grade level spelling words.
— Offers over 2,000 spelling words, three spelling games, and a creative reward area.
— Allows custom word lists to be added.
— Has a built-in tutor that adjusts the level of difficulty to support a child’s increasing spelling proficiency.
— Is easy to use and understand. 
— Requires no 3rd party software.
— Includes a colorful 64 page workbook. 
— Has a terrific price at $15.99.