School Zone Interactive’s award-winning Electronic Workbook series has met with overwhelmingly positive press since its launch in 2000. 
“They are among the best educational software to be seen in years…After seeing similar products come and go for two decades, it's hard not to become enthusiastic about a winner like this one.”
— Larry Blasko, Associated Press
“The results are nifty little software packages that pack a wallop of a learning punch. We are giving this series an award because, while there is some variation within the series, you can consistently count on quality when you invest in one of these titles.”
— Jinny Gudmundson, Editor, Choosing Children’s Software
“School Zone Interactive’s Electronic Workbooks are a welcome addition to today’s educational software.  They will give your kids the extra practice they need with those stubborn school subjects.”
— Warren Buckleitner, Editor, Children’s Software Revue
“As well as consistently creating edutainment to beat the band, School Zone Interactive has gone ahead and redefined the word adorable.  Beginning Sounds, one of 12 titles from the On-Track Software series of Electronic Workbooks introduced last year, is a jamboree of characters, colors, and amusement that'll have youngsters squealing with delight.” 
— Carolyn Blackburn, MacHome
"Math Grade 2 presents Electronic worksheets with just the right amount of bells and whistles to make practicing math facts, dare we say, fun!"
— The Review Corner
“When I first looked at Does it Belong, I thought children would become bored after awhile. I could not have been more wrong.  Every child that played the game loved it."
— Pam Gleichman, Computing For Kids
“As a home educator, I’m so glad to see these programs (Electronic Workbooks) on the market. They are a good balance of work, interactive activities and fun.”
— Cynthia Sorrels, 
Does it Belong has no glitches, loaded easily and features bright, colorful, darling animations
preschoolers will love.  I will definitely buy more myself and encourage anyone with preschool age kids to do the same…A great investment.”
Math Grade 2 would be a welcome addition to any classroom or individual setting.”