School Zone Interactive’s On-Track Software Wins Top Honors
from Technology & Learning Magazine

Prestigious educational experts crown Electronic Workbooks with
“Awards of Excellence”
GRAND HAVEN, MI, September 25, 2001— School Zone Interactive is proud to announce that On-Track Software titles Does It Belong? and Thinking Skills have  won Technology & Learning’s “Award of Excellence” for their design, content, creative use of technology and suitability for the classroom. The Awards of Excellence is one of the only awards programs where on-site judging takes place over several weeks and educators from the field serve as judges. These prestigious honors bring the Electronic Workbooks’ trophy case to more than 40 awards in less than two years.
Combining the very best of traditional workbooks with today’s innovative multimedia technology, Electronic Workbooks have led the way in focused, curriculum-specific educational programs. Each Electronic Workbook provides children ages 2-12 with comprehensive and engaging educational content presented in creative activities accented with fun-filled games. This curriculum is now an integral educational resource for parents and educators nationwide. 
As a vital resource for K-12 teachers, Technology & Learning magazine provides new approaches to teaching and recommends ways to use technology in the classroom.  “This is a wonderful resource for teachers. Their process of using expert on-site judging to evaluate software truly validates our products,” says School Zone Interactive CEO Jonathan Hoffman. He adds, “Awards like these affirm our dedication to creating the very best educational software for children now and in the future.”
Each Electronic Workbook is geared towards a specific skill set that progressively guides students through a focused series of learning objectives. All of the titles come with a suggested retail price of $19.99, and are available for both Windows® and Macintosh® systems. For an added value, each is packaged with a traditional School Zone workbook or storybooks. 
— Based on School Zone Publishing’s 20 years of proven workbook content. 
— Children are comfortable with the Workbook format, encouraging extended play.
— The first-ever comprehensive Electronic Workbook to offer specific skill sets.
     Educational emphasis interspersed with entertaining games.
— Provides audio guidance and tracks each child’s progress throughout.
— Thousands of variations on problems and play provide unlimited repeat usage.
— Easy-to-use and understand. 
— Terrific price point at $19.99.
— Traditional “paper” workbook included with the CD-ROM.
Preschool Skills:
Math Skills: 
Reading Skills: 
Alphabet grade K
Beginning Reading grades K-1: Beep, Beep! and I Want a Pet 
Beginning Reading grades K-1: Jog, Frog, Jog and Nine Men Chase a Hen
Beginning Reading grades 1-2: A Different Tune and It’s Magic
Beginning Reading grades 1-2: The Big Race and Nicole Digs a Hole
Reading Readiness grades K-1 
Phonics grades 2-3
Language Skills: 
Spelling Puzzles grade 1