School Zone Interactive’s WEM 2001 Initiative Includes the
Latest Releases in Their Award-Winning Electronic
Workbook CD-ROM Series 

World Education Market, Vancouver, May 21, 2001— School Zone Interactive announces the release of six new titles in their highly acclaimed Electronic Workbook series: Beginning Sounds and Thinking Skills for preschoolers, Alphabet K and Reading Readiness K-1 for kindergarteners and first graders, Math 1 for first graders and Math 3 for third graders. Published under the On-Track Software brand, Electronic Workbooks are based on School Zone Publishing’s top-selling workbook content and have been heralded as the best software to be seen in years.
Electronic Workbooks provide a prodigious amount of educational content presented in creative activities and adorned with engaging games. Each title is geared to a specific skill set, an industry first, according to School Zone Interactive CEO Jonathan Hoffman. “Every Workbook is a unique environment that progressively guides children through a focused curriculum,” says Hoffman. He adds that they are the culmination of five years of intensive research and development by the award-winning multimedia team at School Zone Interactive. “Our Electronic Workbooks have been honored by both the software industry and the educational community. Our plan of producing a comprehensive, color-coded curriculum from preschool through grade 6 is well under way. We released 8 titles in 2000 and are introducing our next 6 out of 12 at WEM for 2001.”
The first 8 titles in this award-winning Electronic Workbook series are as follows: Shapes, Same or Different and Does It Belong for preschoolers; Beginning Reading-grades K-1 and Beginning Reading-grades 1-2 for reading skills; Transition Math-grades K-1 and Math-grade 2 for math skills; and Spelling Puzzles-grade 1 for language skills.
All Electronic Workbooks retail for a mass-market friendly price of $19.99, come packaged with a traditional School Zone pencil-and-paper workbook, and are available for both Windows® and Macintosh® systems. They feature “progress tracking,” which follows the progress of each child by identifying their areas of competence, plus alerts parents to skills that need sharpening. Even better, Electronic Workbooks include an audio component that “talks” to each child, providing plenty of positive reinforcement and guidance. 
Electronic Workbooks include exercises with easy instructions, instant grading, thousands of variations for repeat play, fun-filled games for “recess,” personalized printouts, progress reports, and certificates. Another key feature of Electronic Workbooks is ease of use, according to Barbara Peacock, managing director at School Zone Interactive. “Simplicity is the key word with Electronic Workbooks, and it has taken a lot of maturity, years of research and a child’s view of the world to achieve simplicity.”
— Based on School Zone Publishing’s 20 years of proven workbook content. 
     Parents and teachers trust the brand completely.
— The first-ever comprehensive Electronic Workbook to offer specific skill sets.
     Educational emphasis interspersed with entertaining games.
— Provides audio guidance and tracks each child’s progress throughout.
— Thousands of variations on problems and play provide unlimited repeat usage.
— Easy-to-use and understand. 
— Terrific price point at $19.99.
— Traditional “paper” workbook included with the CD-ROM.