School Zone Interactive Sweeps the Prestigious
Parent’s Choice Spring 2001 Awards in Children’s Educational Software

BEA, May 31, 2001—School Zone Interactive is proud to announce that their On-Track Software brand has received another series of high profile industry awards by sweeping the Spring 2001 Parents’ Choice “Recommended” category of children’s educational software. Winning four of the seven awards, On-Track software’s acclaimed Electronic Workbook series now adds the following titles to its list of award winners:  Beginning Sounds, Reading Readiness K-1, Math 1 and Math 3.
Electronic Workbooks provide a prodigious amount of educational content presented in creative activities and engaging games for ages 2-12. Plus, each is geared towards a specific skill set and progressively guides students through a focused curriculum. All have a suggested retail price of $19.99, are available for both Windows® and Macintosh® systems and come packaged with a traditional School Zone workbook. 
Parents’ Choice is the nation’s oldest and most respected non-profit authority on children’s media. They offer hundreds of online reviews and resources for parents, teachers, grandparents and others involved in the lives of children. The Spring 2001 Parents’ Awards received over 2100 entries in various categories and found 268 deserving of recognition, including School Zone Interactive’s On-Track Software.
 “Since we launched our On-Track Software brand of Electronic Workbooks, we have received tremendous recognition from educators and numerous awards from industry professionals,” says School Zone Interactive CEO Jonathan Hoffman. “We couldn’t be more honored receiving these awards from the Parents’ Choice Foundation. We have always respected their reviews and are thrilled to be recognized.”
— Based on School Zone Publishing’s 20 years of proven workbook content. 
     Parents and teachers trust the brand completely.
— The first-ever comprehensive Electronic Workbook to offer specific skill sets.
     Educational emphasis interspersed with entertaining games.
— Provides audio guidance and tracks each child’s progress throughout.
— Thousands of variations on problems and play provide unlimited repeat usage.
— Easy to use and understand. 
— Terrific price point at $19.99.
— Traditional “paper” workbook included with the CD-ROM.
Shapes, Same or Different, Does It Belong, Beginning Sounds and Thinking Skills for preschoolers.
Alphabet-grade K, Beginning Reading-grades K-1, Reading Readiness-grades K-1 and Beginning Reading-grades 1-2 for reading skills
Transition Math-grades K-1, Math-grade 1, Math-grade 2, Math-grade 3 and Multiplication & Division grades 3-4 for math skills
Spelling Puzzles-grade 1 and Phonics-grades 2-3 for language skills.