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School Zone Launches, a Subscription for Kids | Subscription Insider

An educational tool that travels across platforms and devices

Last week School Zone announced the launch of Anywhere Teacher, a new multi-platform, supplemental learning subscription for kids that is accessible across platforms and devices. Kids can log into any computer or device to access to practice essential reading and math skills with books, games, videos, flash cards, songs and music, printable workbook pages and more. Geared toward kids from ages 2 to 8, Anywhere Teacher was created by a team of educators, editors, designers and programmers.

Following a free 7-day trial, for $6.99 a month, kids can view the original series Charlie & Company, get access to new weekly content that motivates learning, and engaging and challenging activities to energize young minds, says the Anywhere Teacher website. Multi-sensory learning opportunities include:

  • Developing creativity and imagination
  • Building important skills for school success
  • Improving focus and fine motor abilities
  • Improving math and spelling proficiency
  • Teaching healthy competition
  • Creating high-energy experiences
  • Making learning fun

Parents, of course, remain in control of their child’s use of Anywhere Teacher through a password-protected parent portal which allows parents to view their child’s progress, turn specific play categories on or off, personalize learning by grade level, modify selections as kids grow and achieve, and contact customer service.

“The beauty of this is that we’re not dependent on the leading operating systems,” says CEO Jonathan Hoffman, for Publishers Weekly. “It’s a safe place for children to navigate, unsupervised and unguided.”

The family-owned School Zone was founded nearly 40 years ago by James Hoffman, Ed.D and his wife Joan Hoffman, M.A. who started a retail supply outlet for teachers, helping to provide at-home learning materials to supplement those provided in the classroom. School Zone offers flash cards, workbooks, books, toys, music, DVDs and more. It is known for the Little Scholar tablet and the Charlie & Company brand.

Insider Take:

This is an interesting take on digital learning. While other companies are focusing on apps, which can be device specific, Anywhere Teacher was created to be more accessible. Multiple children in the same family can log into Anywhere Teacher on different computers or devices in the household, so they aren’t tied to Mom’s tablet or Dad’s smartphone.

The subscription model makes products like this more affordable for families. In this, Anywhere Teacher can be used by families who might have a computer and WiFi but not smartphones or tablets. Backed by a proven leader in early education, we think Anywhere Teacher is off to a great start.

School Zone Launches, a Subscription for Kids | Subscription Insider