School Zone Publishing Company, Award-Winning Publisher of Children’s Educational Titles, Announces
Preschool-Kindergarten Super Scholar Software Featuring Four Fantastic Learning Programs 
GRAND HAVEN, MI– January 14, 2008—With four fantastic ways to learn, Preschool-Kindergarten Super Scholar Software is an important addition to School Zone Publishing Company’s award-winning line of children’s educational software. Designed for children ages 3-6, Preschool-Kindergarten Super Scholar Software is packed with accessible early reading and math skills. With four different educational computer games on four separate CDs, children can enjoy countless hours of learning while having plenty of fun.
Preschool-Kindergarten Super Scholar Software includes:
Alphabet Express: Climb aboard the “express to learning success” featuring letter recognition, alphabetizing, problem solving, beginning sounds, letter-sound association, and vocabulary building. 
Pencil-Pal Preschool: Sharpen all pencils for a fun-filled introduction to creativity skills, letter and number sequences, numbers, colors, the alphabet, classifying, counting, and shapes. Guaranteed to enlighten young minds!
On-Track Transition Math: Learning math was never so much fun as users explore visual discrimination, shapes, patterning, matching, numbers 1-20, sequencing, and telling time. “Math made easy” was never so simple.
Flash Action Wonder Words: Interactive flash cards are the perfect guide to the wonderful world of reading. Children can explore beginning sight words, word recognition, beginning sounds, picture words, categorizing, and more. 
School Zone Publishing Company is a market leader in popular children’s educational products with over 27 years of experience in providing top quality content at affordable prices. Warren Buckleitner, Ph.D of Children’s Technology Review says, “School Zone is an established leader in the area of children’s interactive media, and it shows in these products. For value and great design, you can’t beat the Super Scholar series.” Suggested retail price for Preschool-Kindergarten Super Scholar Software is only $34.99.
For more information on Preschool-Kindergarten Super Scholar Software and other popular School Zone products, call 800-253-0564 or visit
Preschool-Kindergarten Super Scholar Software Facts at a Glance
— Four educational computer games on four CDs
— Unique in the marketplace 
— Specially designed for ease-of-use 
— Based on over 27 years of School Zone’s superior educational content
— Makes learning fun for children
— Provides effective developmental growth
— Teaches essential skills