School Zone Publishing Debuts Ten New Titles
In Its Acclaimed Educational Workbook and
Flash Card Series at BEA 2001

Trusted by parents, students and teachers for over 20 years,
School Zone Publishing continues its tradition of providing
comprehensive learning tool for children ages 3 to 12.
BEA, Chicago, May, 31, 2001—School Zone Publishing is pleased to announce 10 new learning tools for children. The Enrichment Workbook, Word Search Workbook and Whimsy Flash Card series of educational products will be unveiled at Book Expo America 2001. School Zone Publishing, a respected industry leader for over 20 years, continues to win praise from teachers, parents and students nationwide for their top-selling workbook and flash card content.
School Zone Publishing’s Enrichment Workbook series captures a child’s natural curiosity with entertaining activities that encourage active problem solving and critical thinking. Each 32-page full-color workbook features teacher-developed content for kindergarten through third grade, including math, language arts, science and social studies. Specific educational skill sets are reinforced with creative extension ideas, hands-on activities and “amazing” facts. 
New Enrichment Workbooks include:
Kindergarten Enrichment: Focuses on important kindergarten skills including shapes, alphabetical order and seasons.
First Grade Enrichment: Explores fundamental first-grade skills such as reading comprehension, proper nouns and calendar skills.
Second Grade Enrichment: Extends essential second-grade skills including fractions, contractions and simple machines.
Third Grade Enrichment: Enhances basic third-grade skills such as synonyms, time lines and perimeter.
School Zone Publishing’s Word Search Workbooks are a must for all children in third grade and up who need to enhance their vocabulary skills. Each 32-page workbook is an easy-to-understand educational tool filled with colorful illustrations, exciting topics, handy maps, engaging puzzles and plenty of interesting trivia, all aimed at making learning fun and rewarding.
New Word Search Workbooks include:
Word Search People & Places: Challenging word searches about world environments and historical people teach multicultural and geographic diversity.
Word Search Challenges: Puzzles and activities introduce new vocabulary and “amazing” facts about dinosaurs, inventions, animals and more.
School Zone Publishing’s Whimsy Flash Cards present serious educational content with lighthearted fun to help children ages 4-6 prepare for success in school. These colorful flash cards provide parents with the necessary tools to teach their children readiness content including numbers, the alphabet, opposites, rhyming words and more. Full-color illustrations by award-winning artist John Sandford serve as picture clues to help children learn to count and read.
New Whimsy Flash Cards include:
Alphabet Whimsy Flash Cards: Feature a letter plus a colorful illustration to help children learn alphabet letters and beginning sounds.
Numbers 0-25 Whimsy Flash Cards: Introduce numbers, counting, addition and subtraction with easy-to-count animal groups. 
Readiness Whimsy Flash Cards: Present a word plus a charming illustration to teach rhyming words, shapes, opposites and more.
Picture Words Whimsy Flash Cards: Focus on essential beginning words with delightful illustrations.
“Our commitment to helping teach children critical early learning skills is our highest priority at School Zone Publishing,” says School Zone Publishing President Joan Hoffman. She adds, “Our workbook and flash card series are proven and trusted brands, recognized by both the educational community and parents as key ingredients to help children learn the basics.”